Fort Wayne Pinball Wizard’s World Arcade – August 2021 update

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Trisha Burgess (Mrs. Wizard) says, “We’re so excited to offer our first large tournament open to all the women pinball players”. We are looking forward to this being an annual tourney that will bring in women from across our nation who enjoy playing pinball as much as we do in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our monthly tournaments are so enjoyable. Everyone is excited and very competitive, yet quick to help one another learn about the different pinball machines and just get better at playing the sport – not to mention all the snacks that show up on game night!” Participation in weekly women’s tournaments has grown with both consistent and new players to the point that the Wizard (Mike Burgess) has committed to holding the first annual WOW 1 – Women’s Only Pinball Tournament. Mrs. Wizard continued saying, “And, with our Stage 1 remodeling project complete, Wizard’s World Arcade now has 136 new and refurbished pinball machines ready for play with ample space to move from game to game. We enjoy great fellowship with local women and others from multiple states and possibly even Canada. Our goal is to make this one of the largest ever women only tournaments.”

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