Coming 2018 – Official IFPA Challenge Matches!

Back in December 2011 the IFPA announced the implementation of the IFPA Ratings system for the 2012 season. Currently the IFPA Ratings System uses an unmodified version of the Glicko rating system.

We’re excited to announce that starting in 2018 we will officially be accepting IFPA Challenge Matches as part of the IFPA Ratings system. Here’s how it works:

  • Two players compete in a head-to-head match. Both players must have a registered IFPA profile.
  • The match must be a best of 7 series. Higher seed has choice of game or position for Game #1, with the loser of each subsequent game having that choice going forward. No game can be played twice in the same IFPA Challenge Match unless no other machines are available to be picked.
  • That match will be submitted to the IFPA calendar so results can be submitted. No 30 day rule will be in effect for these IFPA Challenge Matches.
  • The winner of the IFPA Challenge Match will be listed as 1st place, with the loser listed as 2nd place.
  • IFPA Ratings will be impacted off of this result for both players.
  • These IFPA Challenge Matches will go towards the event count for players, so anyone looking to become an IFPA Rated player can earn that experience through these matches rather than only through endorsed tournament play.

In addition, with the IFPA endorsement fee starting in 2018 for US/Canada events, we plan on allowing events to continue to submit to the IFPA calendar as “non-point” events. No endorsement fee will be charged, and while no WPPR points will be awarded, the IFPA Ratings for all players will be impacted by these results.

710KNUS – Kelley and Kafer

Kelley & Kafer have a weekday afternoon talk show on 710 KNUS Denver, and recently had Escher Lefkoff on to discuss him knocking IFPA President Josh Sharpe out of the PAPA finals in the Semi-final tiebreaker. Click HERE to listen to the interview. Interview starts at 35:20.

The world’s best pinball player is 13 years old and living in Longmont

LONGMONT, CO – APRIL 17: Escher Lefkoff, a 13-year-old Longmont shows off his skill on the Attack from Mars pinball machine on April 17, 2017 at his home in Longmont. The 13-year-old is now the new pinball champion of the world, following a stunning upset at the international finals in Pennsylvania. (Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post)

The media blitz continues for the youngest World Champion in pinball history. The Denver Post stopped by the Lefkoff Barn for some more coverage. Click HERE.

Meet Buffalo’s Pinball Club with Kevin O’Neill

NBC2 in Buffalo, NY posted a piece on the resurgence of competitive pinball in the area. Check out the coverage HERE.

Morristown Game Vault – Spring Fling Charity Pinball Tournament

May 19 – 21, 2017
Morristown Game Vault
22 South Street
Morristown NJ

Discounted entry for an all day pass!
There is a hotel block available at the Morristown Hyatt

Proceeds to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


Morristown Game Vault is happy to support Mary Dougherty and her goal of raising $130,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and their Man & Woman of the Year – New Jersey 10 week fundraising campaign.

You can follow her campaign at Mary’s Miracle Workers – LLS and donations are welcome at this link:

Revival of pinball launches top players, a prosperous business

The Missourian posted an article and video on the resurgence of pinball in Columbia, MO. Click HERE to see the coverage.

Escher Lefkoff wins 1st Major Championship!

In the history of competitive pinball, very few (27 in fact) have had the chance to call themselves a Major Champion. Like professional golf or tennis, the opportunity to join this elite club only happens four times a year. The PAPA 20 World Championship brought together two finalists looking to add their name to this list (Escher Lefkoff and Trent Augenstein), with two players looking to add to their legacies. Bowen Kerins was looking to capture his 6th Major Championship, and Cayle George his 4th.

Following a tiebreaker with Bowen Kerins on Skateball, it was Escher Lefkoff who became the youngest player in competitive pinball history to ever win a Major Championship.

With his victory Escher earned himself 140.63 WPPR points, the 2nd most all-time for a single event, moving himself up from 79th to 38th in the world.

With his 2nd place finish, Bowen Kerins reached his 12th top 4 finish in Major Championships, tying him with Lyman Sheats for 2nd all time. Cayle George increased his top 4 finishes in Major Championships to 7, while Trent Augenstein reached his 2nd top 4 Major Championship finish.

To view the most current list of Major Championship stats, click HERE.

Pinballs and Comics in Austria 8th/9th April 2017 Comic Con Austria

blog post courtesy of Stefan Riedler

On 8th and 9th April 2017 the Comic Con Austria (CCA) was held at the Design Center in Linz, Austria. Far more than 10.000 visitors enjoyed the weekend with different stars like Michael Cudlitz and Tim Proctor from Walking Dead or Jeremy Bulloch and Peter Roy from Star Wars. A lot of different Comic Artists has been present there as well as the DeLorean from back to the future or a lot of different Comic and TV Series related shops.

The brand-new Pinball machines from Heighway Pinball – Alien, JJP – Dialed In and Stern – Aerosmith has been presented there as well. Alongside has been also a great lineup for the Comic Convention like X-Men, Batman, Spiderman, Ghostbusters as well as Walking Dead, Full Throttle and Hobbit. So overall 10 Pinball machines has been setup on free play for the whole weekend and all of the visitors enjoyed it.

The 1st and not the last CCA Pinball Tournament was been held and organized by RS-Pinball e.U. in combination with the 3 Austrian Pinball Clubs (Flippnic, Kugelklopfa and Flipper-SV)

The winner of the tournaments are:

  1. Place Stefan Riedler (League Grenzbereich – Flipper-SV, Flippnic, Kugelklopfa)
  2. Place Rainer Mühlböck (League Mühlviertel- (Kugelklopfa, Flipper-SV)
  3. Place Stefan Karlhuber (League Grenzbereich – Flipper-SV)
  4. Place Uwe Ramsner (League Grenzbereich & Mühlviertel – Kugelklopfa)

Overall the event was a big success and promotion for Pinball as sports and we are looking forward to next year’s event which is planned to be even much bigger.

The Comic Convention will be held next time in Wels (AT) during 14th and 15th April 2018 in an even bigger Exhibition area, where more pinballs can be set up and where the 2nd CCA Pinball Tournament will be held. Maybe a special Batman Tournament will be done, because next years main topic is Batman.





RS-Pinball e.U.


An Empirical Evaluation of the IFPA Endorsement Fee

blog post courtesy of Phillip Grimaldi

The purpose of this analysis is to provide a data driven perspective on the impact of the IFPA’s recent announcement to charge $1.00/per player for every tournament submission. My approach was to examine the 2016 calendar year as a proxy for determining the impact in future years. The data for this analysis was obtained directly from the IFPA via their API. Analysis code and data files are available at my github repository. Readers are encouraged to report errors by contacting me directly or by submitting a pull request in github.

Click HERE for the details.

Italian Pinball Open: a big success for Levente Tregova and pinball competition

blog post courtesy of Alessio Crisantemi

Assago, Milan – Levente Tregova won the Italian Pinball Open (IPO), the Italian pinball championship: a new event in a new location dedicated to sports pinball, organized by IFPA Italia into the showroom of Double Pinball, the new Italian company exclusively dedicated to pinball, which became exclusive supplier of Jersey Jack pinballs for Italy and of spare parts for all kind of games.

The tournament took place on the weekend of March, 25-26, in the Assago office of the company, next to Milan, and as well as declare the new Italian champion of sports pinball, also represented the only Italian stage of the European circuit ECS.

The Swiss Levente Tregova won the competition, he prevailed over 64 players in the competition, coming from all over the country and several nations, including Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and others. Second place for the Italian Roberto Pedroni, who becomes in this way the 2017 Champion of Italy, by virtue of his position of first Italian player in the final IPO ranking. So, the player from Milan ends a very high level March, having triumphed just few days ago at the Spring Pinball Tournament at ENADA, in Rimini. Confirming to be in great shape, which is an excellent confidence boost for the upcoming World Championships in Denmark, scheduled in Copenhagen, on June, 2-4, 2017, where Pedroni will represent Italy along with the reigning World Champion, Daniele Acciari, in the Italian National Tecnoplay Team.

About Acciari: the player has not gone beyond the fifth place at Ipo in Assago, precisely losing the match against Pedroni, which seemed unstoppable and only the Swiss Tregova won against him. Third place for Davide Della Ianna and fourth place for Gabriele Tedeschi from Rome.

Also a second side tournament took place during the two days of sports pinball in Milan, won by Manuel Cereda from Milan, second place for the Venetian Paolo Luise and Roberto Pedroni again, ending here at the third place.