IFPA Certified Tournaments


IFPA Certified tournaments will receive an Event Booster of 125%.

IFPA Certified+ tournaments will receive an Event Booster of 150%.

A tournament needs to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for certification:

a) 128 rated player minimum – This is only needed for IFPA Certified+ events. There is no player minimum for the 125% boost level.
b) Limited Best Game/Card Qualifying- minimum 24 attempts with minimum best 12 games being counted,
minimum 20 hours of open qualifying time.
c) Unlimited Best Game/Card Qualifying – minimum 20 hours of open qualifying time, minimum 5 games being counted.
d) Match Play Qualifying formats (4-player groups) require minimum of 20 qualifying games.
e) Head to head Qualifying formats require minimum of 40 qualifying games.
f) 24 finalists minimum (up from 16) – Same finals format requirement as 2022
g) No other qualifying formats eligible (Flip Frenzy, Pin-Golf, etc)
h) No player may receive a bye beyond the round of 16 finalists.
i) Maximum length of the tournament is 4 consecutive days.
j) Finals for the top 24 cannot start on the same day that Qualifying starts.
k) Finals portion of the tournament must consist of one of the following approved formats: PAPA style match play rounds (minimum of 3 games per round) or IFPA style head-to-head play (minimum best of 5 matches per round). All game choices during finals must be made by the players.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at ifpapinball@gmail.com with any questions.

For a list of upcoming Certified Tournaments, go here.