IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship

ifpa.jpg-w227h210The 3rd annual IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship is scheduled for March 1st, 2018 at Flipperspiel Wunderland in Las Vegas, NV.

Featuring 24 of the world’s greatest female players, the IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship is the most prestigious women’s tournament in competitive pinball.

We will be using our World Pinball Player Rankings as of January 1st, 2018 to field 16 qualifiers for the championship, along with our Women’s World Ranking system fielding an additional 8 wild card spots. The current Main Rankings are available HERE. The current Women’s Rankings are available HERE.

Main Rankings spots:
1 Robin Lassonde [Attending]
2 Helena Walter Higgins [Attending]
3 Zoe Vrabel [Attending]
4 Louise Wagensonner [Attending]
5 Sunshine Bon [Attending]
6 Danielle Peck [Not Attending]
7 Julie Gray [Attending]
8 Allison ONeill [Attending]
9 Hannah Hatch [Attending]
10 Priyanka Kochhar [Attending]
11 Keri Wing [Attending]
12 Karyn Kiser [Attending]
13 Sara Little [Attending]
14 Snow Galvin [Attending]
15 Anna Wolk [Attending]
16 Jessie Carduner [Not Attending]
17 Amy Kesting [Attending]
18 Sarah Schudel [Not Attending]
19 Michelle McCleester [Attending]
———- cut line ————
20 Maya Nigrosh [Committed to Attending]
21 Mary Mac
22 Theresa Nessel [Not Attending]
23 Deborah Tahlman [Committed to Attending]
24 Dina Fukson [Not Attending]
25 Holly Danowski [Committed to Attending]
26 Barbara Sprenger
27 Tracy Lindbergh [Committed to Attending]
28 Echa Schneider
29 Megan Brown [Committed to Attending]
30 Anna Hovhannessian [Committed to Attending]
31 Heather Kendrick [Committed to Attending]

Women’s Rankings Wild Card spots:
1 Alexa Philbeck [Attending]
2 Megan Brown [Attending]
3 Echa Schneider [Not Attending]
4 Tracy Lindbergh [Attending]
5 Maureen Hendrix [Attending]
6 Ellen Frankel [Attending]
7 Mika Rollin [Attending]
8 Jodine Hatfield [Attending]
9 AJ Replogle [Not Attending]
10 Amanda Case [Attending]
———- cut line ————
11 Amy L. Covell-Murthy [Committed to Attending]
12 Nycole Hyatt [Committed to Attending]
13 Rachel Karlic [Committed to Attending]
14 Sara Urban
15 Kate Porter [Committed to Attending]
16 Beth Senturia [Committed to Attending]

Additional details of the tournament can be found below.

I. Competition Details

1. How to qualify

Unlike most tournaments where the qualification process takes place over a couple of days, qualifying for the IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship takes place all year. Utilizing it’s World Pinball Player Rankings, the IFPA will use the January 1st, 2018 rankings to determine the qualifiers for the 2018 IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship. The tournament field will consist of 24 players in total. For players that cannot attend, spots will be filled by going down the WPPR rankings list. 16 players will come from the main WPPR rankings list. An additional 8 wild card spots will go to the 8 highest ranked women in the Women’s WPPR ranking that haven’t already qualified for a spot in the championship through the Main WPPR ranking system.

2. Fees

A one time entry fee of US$50 per player is to be prepaid prior to the event with 100% of that entry fee being paid back as cash prizes for the top 4 finishers. Players are also responsible to pay for coin drop for games played.

3. Prizes

The tournament features a guaranteed package of cash prizes. In the event of an overrun beyond expenses, tournament revenue will be retained to finance the next IFPA event. In the event IFPA discontinues its events or is disbanded, any such retained revenue will be donated to charity.

The guaranteed prize package is as follows (based on 24 players):

1st Place –> $1700 cash + Trophy + Official Stern Pinball Topper ($500 value) + Title of “Women’s World Pinball Champion”
2nd Place –> $440 cash + Trophy + Official Stern Pinball Topper ($500 value)
3rd Place –> $320 cash + Trophy
4th Place –> $200 cash + Trophy
5th through 8th place –> $63 cash each

4. Schedule

10am-11am –> Practice Session
11am-10pm –> Matches will be played continuously until the tournament is finished

II. Format of Matches

1. Seeding of finalists

Once all participants are finalized, the players will be seeded based on their WPPR rank at the end of the calendar year. The additional 8 Wild Card spots will be set as spots 17-24 according to their WWPPR rank at the end of the calendar year.

2. Machines Chosen

Any game available for the IFPA Pin-Masters is eligible to be played, unless otherwise noted by the IFPA.

3. Head-to-Head Single Elimination Format

Players will be placed in a single elimination bracket once the seedings have been completed. Click HERE for an example bracket.

Each match will be a best-of-seven. The higher seeded player will have choice of machine or position for the 1st game, with the loser of each subsequent game having choice of machine or order, until someone has won 4 games. A machine may not be played more than once in the same match unless there are less than 7 machines available. If that is the case, only after all machines have been chosen can either player select that game to be played for a second time within the same match. Once a player verbally announces their game choice, or chooses position, that decision will be locked in and cannot be changed.

Each player will have the opportunity for 30 seconds of practice time before starting every game of every match. This is to ensure that both players have a chance to get familiar with the machine.

The winner of the match advances to the next round, while the loser is eliminated.

The 3rd/4th place Consolation Final will be a best of 3 match.

4. Winners

Winners will receive cash prizes as cash or check during an awards ceremony shortly following the conclusion of all final rounds. Winners need not be present to receive prizes; prizes will be supplied via postal mail if necessary. All taxes are the sole responsibility of winners. Certain tax forms may need to be completed, as directed by tournament officials. All decisions by tournament officials regarding winners and prizes are final.

First Place will also receive the title “Women’s World Pinball Champion”. This title remains in effect until the next annual IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship, or will expire after two years if the IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship is discontinued.

III. Rulings and Malfunctions

All rulings and malfunctions will be based on the rules for the PAPA/IFPA ruleset. Those are available HERE.