IFPA Pin-Masters


The 2019 IFPA Pin-Masters: World Pin-Golf Championships are scheduled for March 29th-31st, 2019 at Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club in Las Vegas, NV. The Pin-Masters coincides with the Amusement Expo held Wednesday and Thursday of that week where any players that pre-register will receive a complimentary badge into the trade show.

In addition, the IFPA North American Pinball Championship and the IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship will also be at Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club, and take place Thursday March 28th. This will include all the various State and Provincial Champions currently battling it out in the 2018-19 SCS and PCS (Canada), along with those women that qualify for the Women’s Championship.

Additional details of the tournament can be found in the ‘OVERVIEW’ section below.

2019 IFPA Pin-Masters Satellite Tournaments (Click HERE to learn more)

  1. Arnold Palmer Memorial Pin-Golf Tournament 3 (3/8/19-3/9/19)
  2. Pin-Masters of Maine (3/9/19)
  3. Pin-Masters of Vermont (4/13/19)
  4. 3rd Annual Asylum Pin-Golf Tournament FUNDRAISER (4/20/19)
  5. Titan Pinball 2019 Southwest Regional Pin-Masters (5/24/19-5/26/19)
  6. Pre Pinburgh Pin Masters (7/31/19)

2018 IFPA Pin-Masters Satellite Tournaments (Click HERE to learn more)

  1. Abari – 2018 Pin-Masters Satellite Charity Tournament (2/17/18) – BILL MASON
  2. Pin-Masters of Vermont (4/14/18) – JOE LEMIRE (registered)
  3. 2nd Annual Pinball Asylum Pin-Golf Fundraiser (4/21/18) – DAN COYLE
  4. Pin-Masters of New Hampshire (5/19/18) – TYLER AAS (registered)
  5. IFPA Pin-Masters Kansas Satellite Tournament (6/23/18) – MARK MCCOLPIN
  6. Pin-Masters of Maine (7/7/18) – JOE LEMIRE
  7. Superelectric Pingolf (8/5/18) – JOHN DELZOPPO
  8. 2018 Dallas Pin-Masters (8/6/18) – KEN KEMP
  9. Pin-Masters of Rhode Island (9/22/18) – JERRY BERNARD
  10. Pin-Masters of Massachusetts (10/13/18) – FRANK ROMERO
  11. Superelectric Pingolf (11/11/18)
  12. The Mountain State Pin-Masters (11/18/18)