How to Play Pinball

The IFPA recommends visiting the following websites for more information:

PINBALL 101 – Learn Basic, Intermediate and Advanced skills from multiple time World’s Greatest Pinball Player, Keith Elwin

PAPA VIDEO TUTORIALS – Video strategy guides for how to play tons of various pinball games found on the competitive pinball circuit

PINBALL ARCHIVE – Comprehensive list of pinball rulesheets for various games

PINTIPS – PinTips is a place for pinball players to share short playing tips. Players vote on the best tips so you can always see the best tips at the top.

PINBALL SPINNER –’s Hurry-Up Tutorials are a series of videos that aim to share basic strategies on a number of different pinball machines. The goal is to share a simple overview of specific games. We update on a semi-frequent basis as videos are produced.

THE PLAYER’S GUIDE TO CLASSIC PINBALL MACHINES – This document contains both a general technique overview and game-specific advice. The general section, including skills, game features and terminology, begins after the game-link table below.

HOW TO PLAY PINBALL – WITH CRAIG PULLEN – Series of videos from UK Pinball Champion Craig Pullen with tips on how to play.