Country Rankings for United States

This country has 17257 players active in the rankings system.

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Keith Elwin
Carlsbad, CA
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Zach Sharpe
Chicago, IL
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Raymond Davidson
Mukilteo, WA
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Cayle George
Seattle, WA
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Steven Bowden
Franklin Township, NJ

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Keith Elwin Carlsbad, CA 1st 1031.52 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 1st
2nd Zach Sharpe Chicago, IL 2nd 1004.01 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 1st
3rd Raymond Davidson Mukilteo, WA 5th 961.86 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 2nd
4th Cayle George Seattle, WA 6th 868.32 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 1st
5th Steven Bowden Franklin Township, NJ 9th 759.58 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 5th
6th Bowen Kerins Salem, MA 10th 745.63 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 1st
7th Jim Belsito Murrieta, CA 11th 743.67 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 3rd
8th Kevin Birrell Seattle, WA 12th 741.8 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 4th
9th Trent Augenstein Delaware, OH 14th 705.23 Louisville Arcade Expo - 1st
10th Andrei Massenkoff San Francisco, CA 16th 648.48 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 4th
11th Cryss Stephens PA 17th 636.96 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 3rd
12th David Riel Pittsburgh, PA 18th 619.29 Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show - 1st
13th Josh Sharpe Palatine, IL 19th 609.98 IFPA World Pinball Championship - 2nd
14th Jason Werdrick Park Ridge, IL 20th 608.14 Lyons Pinball Spring Classic - 2nd
15th Andy Rosa Flint, MI 21st 598.98 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 10th
16th Karl DeAngelo Fontana, CA 22nd 589.85 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 2nd
17th John Delzoppo Cleveland, OH 23rd 572.22 Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show - 2nd
18th Jon Replogle Pittsburgh, PA 24th 568.49 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 4th
19th Dave Stewart Carnation, WA 26th 544.58 NW Pinball Championships - 1st
20th Bob Matthews Thousand Oaks, CA 29th 534.56 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 7th
21st Joshua Henderson Corpus Christi, TX 31st 525.24 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 4th
22nd Germain Mariolle Redmond, WA 35th 498.26 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 1st
23rd Johnny Modica Hacienda Heights, CA 38th 464.21 It Never Drains In Southern California - 3rd
24th Levi Nayman New York, NY 42nd 441.39 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 14th
25th Per Schwarzenberger San Francisco 43rd 433.26 The Swedish Championships - 2nd
26th Chris Chinn Seattle, WA 44th 429.95 Portland Pinbrawl - 2nd
27th Joe Lemire Worcester, MA 45th 426.13 New England Pinball League - 1st
28th Colin MacAlpine Austin, TX 47th 423.41 Texas Pinball Festival - 1st
29th Alberto Santana New York, NY 48th 422.97 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - 1st
30th Tim Sexton Poughkeepsie, NY 50th 419.74 OBX Flippers Arcade 2016 Fall Pinball Bash - 1st
31st Jerry Bernard Patterson, NY 51st 414.91 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 1st
32nd Adam McKinnie Columbia, MO 52nd 414.54 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 15th
33rd Alex Harmon Fremont, MI 53rd 407.97 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament - 5th
34th Tommy Bizzi Strongsville, OH 54th 405.21 Pre ReplayFX Tourney - 2nd
35th Lyman Sheats Hoffman Estates, IL 55th 405.04 European Pinball Championship 2015 - 2nd
36th Donavan Stepp Lakewood, CO 57th 404.4 Lyons Pinball Spring Classic - 3rd
37th Nick Zendejas Northglenn, CO 59th 398.4 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 6th
38th Adam Lefkoff Boulder, CO 61st 395.99 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 4th
39th Kevin Stone McLean, VA 62nd 394.23 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 5th
40th Escher Lefkoff CO 63rd 383.99 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 6th
41st Aleksander Kaczmarczyk PA 64th 379.45 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - 2nd
42nd Fred Cochran Pittsburgh, PA 65th 379.13 Louisville Arcade Expo - 2nd
43rd Ben Granger Minneapolis, MN 66th 377.24 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament - 4th
44th Al Thomka Pittsburgh, PA 68th 373.86 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 2nd
45th Eric Wagensonner San Francisco, CA 69th 370.19 Intergalactic Pinball Championship - 5th
46th Andrew Lee Cleveland, OH 70th 369.17 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball League - 1st
47th Robin Lassonde Berkeley, CA 71st 367.73 Jurassic Classics at Vancouver Pinball Expo - 3rd
48th Don Johnson Cleveland, OH 74th 363.27 Kidforce Collectibles Spring Pinball League - 2nd
49th Sean Grant New York, NY 76th 361.75 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 11th
50th Andrew Rosa II Flint, MI 77th 360.62 Louisville Arcade Expo - 4th
51st Todd Rafacz Seattle, WA 78th 359.73 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 21st
52nd Maka Honig Seattle, WA 81st 354.75 Portland Pinbrawl - 2nd
53rd Dave Hubbard Cooksville, MD 82nd 353.95 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 6th
54th Tim Hansen Sunnyvale, CA 83rd 353.15 City Champ - 1st
55th Justin Day Glen Burnie, MD 86th 349 DMV Pinball League - 1st
56th Brian Shepherd Westerville, OH 88th 348.46 Louisville Arcade Expo - 6th
57th Fred Richardson Colorado Springs, CO 89th 348.12 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 8th
58th Eric Stone Fort Myers, FL 90th 347.72 IFPA Pin-Masters - 1st
59th Derek Fugate KY 94th 340.84 Expo classics - 1st
60th Mahesh Murthy Pittsburgh, PA 96th 338.32 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 6th
61st Greg Poverelli New York, NY 98th 335.24 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 1st
62nd Chris Frame St Paul, MN 99th 333.62 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament - 2nd
63rd Greg Galanter Pittsburgh, PA 101st 332.02 Pittsburgh Pinball Open - 4th
64th Evan Bingham Delaware, OH 102nd 328.81 Pinball at the Zoo - 1st
65th Joe Said Frederick, MD 103rd 328.52 DMV Inter-season Tournament - 1st
66th Helena Walter Higgins Denver, CO 108th 320.95 Borås Pinball Open 2015 (Pin-Golf) - 2nd
67th Chris Basler IL 109th 319.91 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 8th
68th Justin Bath PG County, MD 112th 316.79 D.C. Area Pinball League - 1st
69th Colin Urban Portland, OR 113th 315.11 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 3rd
70th Adam Peacock Grand Rapids, MI 119th 305.98 Goldmine Ultimate PIngolf Survivor - 1st
71st Aaron Metz Morgantown, WV 123rd 299.9 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 1st
72nd Zac Wollons San Francisco, CA 126th 298.58 Intergalactic Pinball Championship - 4th
73rd Rod Lawrence Cleveland, OH 128th 293.51 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball League - 1st
74th Art Dodd Glendale Heights, IL 131st 292.32 London Pinball Championships - 2nd
75th Walt Lannis Pittsburgh, PA 136th 289.01 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 4th
76th Ed Zeltmann East Stroudsburg, PA 140th 286.85 Louisville Arcade Expo - 6th
77th Stephen Prusa Cleveland, OH 141st 285.27 Kidforce Collectibles Pinball League - 2nd
78th Greg DeFeo Pittsburgh, PA 143rd 284.47 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 4th
79th Ryan Case Cleveland, OH 144th 284.33 Kidforce Collectibles Summer Pinball League - 2nd
80th Tim Tournay Seattle, WA 145th 283.29 Portland Pinbrawl - 3rd
81st Alex Tada Bellevue, WA 146th 280.93 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 3rd
82nd Brian ONeill San Francisco, CA 147th 278.48 San Francisco Pinball Department - 1st
83rd Jeff Gagnon Seattle, WA 148th 278.24 Pin-A-Go-Go - 2nd
84th Mike Corbett WA Seattle, WA 150th 277.46 Seattle Pinball League - 5th
85th Francesco La Rocca 152nd 275.77 None Shall Pass - 1st
86th Darren Kamnitzer Gahanna, OH 154th 274.67 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 6th
87th Phil Grimaldi Houston, TX 155th 274.23 Texas Pinball Festival - 3rd
88th Ken Martin Coatsville, PA 156th 274.03 24 Hour Final Battle at The Sanctum - 3rd
89th Robert Byers Austin, TX 157th 273.94 Suburban Shootout - 1st
90th Pete Hendricks Washington, PA 158th 272.59 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 2nd
91st Sanjay Shah NJ 159th 272.28 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 8th
92nd Lee Moscaritolo HI 160th 271.81 Pinvasion - 2nd
93rd Will McKinney Phoenix, AZ 164th 268 Pinvasion - 2nd
94th Steve Zahler NY 165th 267.94 Super Pingolf Summer At Jackbar - 1st
95th Jon Drew Austin, TX 166th 266.14 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 20th
96th Joe Geneau St Augustine, FL 168th 264.79 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament - 5th
97th Chris Tabaka Jackson, MI 170th 264.5 Pinbowl Tournament - 1st
98th Todd Seaver Saginaw, MI 171st 262.36 Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament - 4th
99th Dave Hegge Chicago, IL 174th 258.93 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 5th
100th Ryan Spindler Oregon, WI 175th 258.86 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 18th