IFPA Staff


The following group of peope help run the IFPA and the WPPR Rankings. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the staff, please contact us here.

Image Roger Sharpe

Roger Sharpe

Co-Chariman – IFPA Founder

Roger Sharpe’s contributions and impact on the coin-operated amusement game industry have been evident for over 30 years. From his acclaimed book on pinball machines, testifying in New York City to help legalize the games and for 15 years, the Director of Marketing and Licensing for Williams Bally/Midway. He has also spent time designing games, and contributing to many of the coin-op industry trade magazines.

Image of Steven Epstein

Steven Epstein

Co-Chairman – IFPA Founder

Steven Epstein’s accomplishments are no less impressive as the owner/operator of the world famous Broadway Arcade in New York City for more than 35 years. Epstein also worked with Stern Pinball to promote the company’s TOPS tournament pinball system.

Image of Josh Sharpe

Josh Sharpe


Josh Sharpe’s contributions to competitive pinball started with the creation of the Illini Pinball Association in 1998 on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. From there Josh created the PinBrawl World Team Pinball Championships, held at Pinball Expo in Chicago for several years and now held at the Michigan Pinball Expo. In the Spring of 2006, with the help of many players and enthusiasts, Josh created the World Pinball Player Rankings and resurrected the defunct International Flipper Pinball Association.

Zach Sharpe

Vice President

Zach Sharpe took over the Illini Pinball Association in 2002, and has overseen its continuance even after he has left the campus. Since 1999, Zach has been the lead contributing writer for Play Meter Magazine’s column, Critic’s Corner Too! He has been an integral part in the continuing promotion of competitive pinball to the player community.

Image of Brian Woodard

Brian Woodard


Brian Woodard took over the Illini Pinball Association in 2005, and continues to serve as the association’s President. As IFPA Commissioner, Brian is responsible for implementing the policies set forth by the IFPA, recommending policy changes and action to the President and Vice President as appropriate, and acting as a liason between the player base and IFPA staff. Brian is also the ultimate authority in handling all rulings and malfunctions at any tournament directly run by the IFPA, including the IFPA World Pinball Championship.

Adam Becker


Adam Becker started with the IFPA as Canadian Country Director back in 2012 and has now transitioned into a larger role within the IFPA organization. As IFPA Director, Adam is responsible for approving all calendar submissions and results submission. He also serves as tournament director for any IFPA corporate events that he is able to attend.

The IFPA also has a staff of Country Directors that help local players with tournaments, rules or general questions. Please visit here to view them.