Women's Rankings Womens Tournaments - Open Tournaments

There are currently 1784 women in the IFPA rankings based on those that have played in open tournaments.

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Robin Lassonde
Berkeley, CA, United States
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Helena Walter
Stockholm, Sweden
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Louise Wagensonner
San Francisco, CA, United Kingdom
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Zoe Vrabel
Portland, OR, United States
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Julie Gray
Seattle, WA, United States
Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Robin Lassonde Berkeley, CA, United States 73rd 367.42 Jurassic Classics at Vancouver Pinball Expo - 3rd
2nd Helena Walter Stockholm, Sweden 100th 330.7 Borås Pinball Open 2015 (Pin-Golf) - 2nd
3rd Louise Wagensonner San Francisco, CA, United Kingdom 108th 321.01 Intergalactic Pinball Championship - 3rd
4th Zoe Vrabel Portland, OR, United States 227th 223.36 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 5th
5th Julie Gray Seattle, WA, United States 287th 194.95 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 1st
6th Sunshine Bon Concord, NC, United States 300th 190.18 IFPA Flippin With the Greats Fundraiser - Carolina Panthers - 1st
7th Danielle Peck Auckland, New Zealand 337th 175.53 Errols Place - 1st
8th Sarah Schudel Kalamazoo, MI, United States 339th 174.77 Pinball at the Zoo - 2nd
9th Anna Wolk New York, NY, United States 383rd 160.44 PAPA World Pinball Championships - 10th
10th Jessie Carduner Cuyahoga Falls, OH, United States 430th 145.06 Stonehedge Pinball League - 3rd
11th Hannah Holmberg United States 432nd 144.92 Wednesday Flip Off - 6th
12th Keri Wing Overland Park, KS, United States 466th 132.55 Cactus Jacks Silverball Showdown - 1st
13th Priyanka Kochhar Pittsburgh, PA, United States 487th 127.75 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 5th
14th Barbara Sprenger Ulrichstein, Germany 559th 116.42 Ligafinale - 5th
15th Sara Little Vancouver, BC, Canada 561st 116.01 Replay - 2nd
16th Maya Nigrosh Madison, WI, United States 572nd 113.32 Mad Rollin Pinball 2016 Warmup - 1st
17th Echa Schneider Oakland, CA, United States 590th 110.49 Pinmas 2112 - 2nd
18th Erin Harting Marysville, WA, United States 612th 107.53 Jurassic Classics at Vancouver Pinball Expo - 7th
19th Michelle McCleester Canton, OH, United States 626th 105.58 Stonehedge Pinball League - 2nd
20th Theresa Nessel Portland, ME, United States 644th 101.76 New England Pinball League - 7th
21st Heather Kendrick Lansing, MI, United States 659th 98.95 Blind Squirrel Pinball League - 3rd
22nd Kate Rothwell-Jackson Sheffield, United Kingdom 660th 98.9 German Pinball Open - 8th
23rd Jasmijn de Jong Utrecht, Netherlands 690th 95.42 UK Pinball Open 2015 - 10th
24th Mary Mac Vancouver, BC, Canada 702nd 94.66 Replay - 3rd
25th Nycole Hyatt Seattle, WA, United States 711th 93.53 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 10th
26th Kayla Greet Seattle, WA, United States 736th 90.21 Portland Pinbrawl - 14th
27th Allison ONeill San Francisco, CA, United States 737th 89.94 San Francisco Pinball Department - 8th
28th Karyn Kiser United States 771st 85.79 Matchstick Pinball Open - 12th
29th Therese Lundgren Sweden 811th 81.94 Borås Pinball Classic Open - 5th
30th Emma Eichhorn Portland, OR, United States 824th 80.93 Tournament Tournament Tournament Tournament Pinball - 1st
31st Jennifer Peavler Denver, CO, United States 837th 79.57 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Denver - 2nd
32nd Karli Pigford CO, United States 842nd 78.87 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament - 16th
33rd Katie Rosier United States 854th 77.48 Pin Maine-ia - 1st
34th Cristin Gasson United States 865th 76.31 Pinholics Anonymous - 5th
35th Rebecca Schleider Baltimore, MD, United States 883rd 75.16 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 89th
36th Heather Loudon Seattle, WA, United States 895th 74.58 Wednesday Flip Off - 2nd
37th Karen Cummings Grand Rapids, MI, United States 896th 74.46 Blind Squirrel Pinball League - 3rd
38th Jacquie Day Glen Burnie, MD, United States 912th 72.83 DMV Pinball League - 9th
39th Helen de Haan-Verbeek Hoorn, NH, Netherlands 940th 70.76 European Pinball Championship 2015 - 33rd
40th Alysa Parks Evanston, IL, United States 951st 69.78 Level 257 Monthly Pinball Super League - 3rd
41st Ellen Frankel Oakland, CA, United States 955th 69.32 Pin-Golf Tournament at PPS - 3rd
42nd Carola Kolbeck Regensburg, Germany 969th 68.85 European Pinball Championship 2015 - 10th
43rd Megan Brown Cleveland, OH, United States 982nd 68.3 Cleveland Pinball League - 8th
44th Jessica DeNardo Portland, OR, United States 1006th 66.45 Cbar Monthly - Brewery Series Tournaments - 2nd
45th Alexa Philbeck Seattle, WA, United States 1008th 66.32 NWPC Pre-Tourney - AAB - 3rd
46th Anna Hovhannessian United States 1027th 65.34 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 5th
47th Mindy Bert Portland, OR, United States 1045th 64.02 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 232nd
48th AJ Replogle United States 1049th 63.76 Fight Club 3 - 1st
49th Dina Fukson Herne, Germany 1068th 62.76 Ligafinale - 8th
50th Jodine Hatfield Seattle, WA, United States 1125th 58.87 Addaball Weekly Wednesday Flip Off - 1st
51st Julie Dorssers London, ON, Canada 1129th 58.45 IFPA POP Fundraiser - London - 2nd
52nd Sophie Spickard Seattle, WA, United States 1168th 56.65 Wednesday Flip Off - 3rd
53rd Audrey Bonsignore United States 1184th 55.59 DMV Inter-season Tournament - 9th
54th Laurence Boulieu France 1187th 55.49 Festi Flip - 1st
55th lauren aquino Seattle, WA, United States 1200th 54.78 Addaball Weekly Wednesday Flip Off - 8th
56th Chantelle Mercier Hope, BC, Canada 1229th 53.87 Flipper Freaks - 1st
57th Meghan West Seattle, WA, United States 1239th 53.28 Addaball Weekly Wednesday Flip Off - 5th
58th Julie Schober United States 1272nd 51.66 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 131st
59th Angela Pecora United States 1274th 51.52 DMV Summer Mid-Season Gala - 14th
60th Beth Senturia New York, NY, United States 1294th 50.77 Modern Pinball NYC Super League - 11th
61st Norma Jennings FL, United States 1301st 50.4 Free Play Florida - 6th
62nd Emma Eriksson Stockholm, Sweden 1302nd 50.4 Borås Pinball Open - 22nd
63rd Jessica Shepherd Austin, United States 1313th 50.05 Houston Arcade & Pinball Expo Main Event - 4th
64th Erin Kelly Pittsburgh, PA, United States 1329th 49.17 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 337th
65th Amanda Kunzi Hawthorne, NV, United States 1340th 48.63 Capitol Corridor Pinball League Tournament - 1st
66th Tracy Lindbergh Chandler, AZ, United States 1350th 48.06 The APPL - Summer Break - 2nd
67th Stephanie Guida United States 1376th 47.05 Rock Fantasy Pinball League - 3rd
68th Rachel Morris Austin, TX, United States 1388th 46.8 Houston Expo Modern Tournament - 3rd
69th Zoe Harmon MI, United States 1397th 46.51 National Baby Food Festival Open-State Games - 11th
70th Amanda Kotchon Seattle, WA, United States 1398th 46.5 NWPAS Satellite: Pinball Seattle Combat - 4th
71st Holly Danowski Meriden, CT, United States 1400th 46.44 Sanctum Pingolf League - 1st
72nd Amy L. Covell-Murthy Pittsburgh, PA, United States 1406th 46.17 Pittsburgh Pinball League - 20th
73rd Nicole Bernier Gorham, ME, United States 1465th 44.28 New England Pinball League - 20th
74th Kathy Gagno Burnaby, BC, Canada 1469th 44.13 VRPA POWERBALL League - 8th
75th Heather Willott Seattle, WA, United States 1486th 43.37 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - Seattle - 4th
76th Christel Macabeo Palo Alto, CA, United States 1487th 43.31 Bay Area Pinball Association (BAPA) - 7th
77th Leslie Kozloski Worcester, MA, United States 1500th 42.91 IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser - New Hampshire - 2nd
78th Jess Kleinmann United States 1503rd 42.8 None Shall Pass - 8th
79th Masha Dare United States 1509th 42.57 Bay Area Pinball Association (BAPA) - 6th
80th Esther Ahronheim Tokyo, Japan 1531st 41.79 Good Beer Week Flip Frenzy - 2nd
81st Penni Epstein United States 1532nd 41.77 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 334th
82nd Chris Gershtein United States 1553rd 40.9 Orange F/X Benefit Tournament - 3rd
83rd Emily Hobbs Austin, AR, United States 1559th 40.63 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 373rd
84th Jade Ang New York, United States 1566th 40.53 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 320th
85th Katie Eichenberger United States 1587th 40.04 8-Bit Arcade BBQ Annual Pinball Extravaganza! - 2nd
86th Naiomi Goodwin Newcastle, Australia 1608th 39.56 Australian Pinball Expo Championship - 3rd
87th Mika Rollin Seattle, WA, United States 1611th 39.41 Wednesday Flip Off - 14th
88th Snow Galvin Denver, CO, United States 1612th 39.4 Vermillion Barn Wpprtunity Extravaganza 2016 - 3rd
89th Ashley Grabenstein Morgantown, WV, United States 1714th 36.87 Pinvasion - 24th
90th Anja Nielsen Denmark 1734th 36.43 Mr. Muscle Challenge 2015 - 2nd
91st Clara Boulieu France 1756th 35.85 The Carolos Pinball Party - 11th
92nd Katie Janis Seattle, WA, United States 1763rd 35.6 Pingolf for POP - Flip Flip Ding Ding! - 4th
93rd Stacey Moritz Portland, OR, United States 1797th 34.56 It Never Drains In Southern California - 32nd
94th Lindsey Rhoades New York, NY, United States 1814th 34.13 DnD Spring Flip Fest - 5th
95th Brooke Lukens Seattle, WA, United States 1824th 33.92 NWPC Pre-Tourney - Olafs - 2nd
96th Nina Ricciardi United States 1827th 33.84 NWPAS Satellite: Memorial Day Masters - 7th
97th Kirsty Watt Gold Coast, Australia 1855th 33 GCPC League - 1st
98th Leslie Friley United States 1907th 31.85 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 368th
99th Lauren Emmel St. Augustine, FL, United States 1908th 31.83 Pinburgh Match-Play Championship - 330th
100th Sybille Krebs Aalen, BW, Germany 1936th 31.02 Ligafinale - 2nd