Women's Rankings Womens Tournaments - Open Tournaments

There are currently 2230 women in the IFPA rankings based on those that have played in Womens-only tournaments.

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Robin Lassonde
Berkeley, CA, United States
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Hannah Hatch
United States
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Mika Rollin
Seattle, WA, United States
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Zoe Vrabel
Portland, OR, United States
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Megan Brown
Cleveland, OH, United States
Rank Name Location Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Robin Lassonde Berkeley, CA, United States 228.63 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 3rd
2nd Hannah Hatch United States 189.35 Add-a-Ball Babes Showdown! - 1st
3rd Mika Rollin Seattle, WA, United States 153.39 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 2nd
4th Zoe Vrabel Portland, OR, United States 147.44 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 1st
5th Megan Brown Cleveland, OH, United States 147.27 Belles & Chimes CLE - 1st
6th Maureen Hendrix Seattle, WA, United States 143.78 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 2nd
7th Louise Wagensonner San Francisco, CA, United Kingdom 138.67 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 8th
8th Gretchen Kamke Buffalo, NY, United States 128.87 Women's International Pinball - 4th
9th kate porter Chicago, IL, United States 108.37 Belles and Chimes Chicago - 1st
10th Tracy Lindbergh Chandler, AZ, United States 106.57 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 5th
11th Priyanka Kochhar Pittsburgh, PA, United States 105.58 Women's International Pinball - 2nd
12th Jane Verwys Chicago, IL, United States 100.63 Belles and Chimes Chicago - 4th
13th Echa Schneider Oakland, CA, United States 91.58 Belles & Chimes Oakland - 1st
14th Brooke Borcherding United States 89.41 NW Pinball Championships - 1st
15th Stacey Moritz Portland, OR, United States 88.89 Babes in Pinland - 1st
16th Alexa Philbeck Seattle, WA, United States 85.85 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 1st
17th Heather Loudon Seattle, WA, United States 80.86 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 5th
18th Rachel Karlic Chicago, IL, United States 80.16 Belles & Chimes Chicago - 1st
19th Julie Gray Seattle, WA, United States 77.8 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 4th
20th Rebecca Hinsdale Chicago, IL, United States 77.75 Belles and Chimes Chicago - 2nd
21st Justina Russo Seattle, WA, United States 77.08 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 4th
22nd Deborah Tahlman Columbus, OH, United States 75.17 Women's International Pinball - 5th
23rd Nicole Bernier Gorham, ME, United States 67.03 Women's International Pinball - 1st
24th Summer Galarneau Buffalo, NY, United States 64.27 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 2nd
25th Miriam Nadler United States 60.48 Women's International Pinball - 8th
26th Erin Malysa Chicago, IL, United States 60.23 Belles and Chimes Chicago - 3rd
27th Danielle Peck Auckland, Auc, New Zealand 58.59 It Never Drains In Southern Ca - 1st
28th Olivia Helm Chandler, AZ, United States 58.57 Belles & Chimes Phoenix - 1st
29th AJ Replogle United States 57.94 Bride of PPL - 1st
30th Ashley Weaver United States 57.79 Babes in Pinland - 1st
31st Anna Wolk New York, NY, United States 56.75 Belles & Chimes NYC - 1st
32nd Amy L. Covell-Murthy Pittsburgh, PA, United States 56.61 Bride of PPL - 1st
33rd Valerie Testa United States 56.3 Bride of PPL - 1st
34th Shawna Teale Calgary, AB, Canada 55.76 Women's International Pinball - 3rd
35th Mary Lopez Chandler, AZ, United States 54.53 Belles & Chimes Phoenix - 1st
36th Sunshine Bon Concord, NC, United States 54.31 The BPSO 4 Strikes Women's Tou - 1st
37th Ren Logan Seattle, WA, United States 52.01 Add-a-Ball Babes Showdown! - 3rd
38th Sarah Hager Seattle, WA, United States 51.76 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 15th
39th Keri Wing Overland Park, KS, United States 51.32 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 12th
40th lauren aquino Seattle, WA, United States 50.7 Babes in Pinland - 1st
41st Jessica DeNardo Portland, OR, United States 50.67 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 7th
42nd Ellen Frankel Oakland, CA, United States 50.4 Belles & Chimes Oakland - 3rd
43rd Emily Beirne Seattle, WA, United States 48.33 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 9th
44th Julie Dorssers London, ON, Canada 47.96 PAPA World Pinball Championshi - 1st
45th Bobbi Wambach United States 47.36 Belles & Chimes Phoenix - 2nd
46th Kelsie Sherman Hall United States 45.57 Babes in Pinland - 1st
47th Sophie Spickard Seattle, WA, United States 45.32 Babes in Pinland - 4th
48th Karli Pigford CO, United States 45.25 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 1st
49th Nycole Hyatt Seattle, WA, United States 43.46 Babes in Pinland - 1st
50th Leslie Ruckman CA, United States 42.49 Belles & Chimes Chicago - 1st
51st Harmony Yuill Toronto, ON, Canada 41.14 Canadian National Exhibition P - 4th
52nd Sarah Kwiecien Pittsburgh, PA, United States 39.57 Bride of PPL - 2nd
53rd Stephanie Traub Washington, DC, United States 38.97 Women's International Pinball - 8th
54th Anna Neal United States 38.18 Belles and Chimes Chicago - 7th
55th Katie Eichenberger United States 37.26 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 9th
56th Abby Terhune Charlotte, NC, United States 36.37 Pinvasion - 1st
57th Miette Dronet Houston, TX, United States 35.64 Space City Pinball: Belles & C - 1st
58th Sara Urban United States 35.62 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 3rd
59th Amanda Case Cleveland, OH, United States 35.1 Cleveland Show Women's Knockou - 2nd
60th Kristen Gregory Ann Arbor, MI, United States 34.74 WOMP Fall Classic - 2nd
61st Kayla Greet Seattle, WA, United States 34.15 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 7th
62nd Crista Lopez United States 33.55 Belles and Chimes Chicago - 6th
63rd Claire Burke United States 33.5 Shorty's Powder Puff Pinball T - 1st
64th Virginia Hendricks Washington, PA, United States 32.97 Pinvasion - 2nd
65th Karyn Kiser United States 32.85 IFPA Womens World Pinball Cham - 1st
66th Casey Halley United States 32.85 Belles & Chimes Phoenix - 2nd
67th Beth Senturia New York, NY, United States 32.83 PAPA World Pinball Championshi - 2nd
68th Alysa Parks Evanston, IL, United States 32.65 NYC Pinball Championships 2018 - 1st
69th Diane Smith United States 32.22 Belles & Chimes Phoenix - 2nd
70th Lindsey Rhoades New York, NY, United States 31.83 Belles & Chimes NYC - 2nd
71st Jodine Hatfield Seattle, WA, United States 30.72 Powder Puff Tournament - 3rd
72nd Elizabeth Dronet Houston, TX, United States 30.5 Space City Pinball: Belles & C - 1st
73rd Donna Wai Oshawa, ON, Canada 30.06 Canadian National Exhibition P - 2nd
74th Alyson Ruby Rae Seattle, WA, United States 29.42 Babes in Pinland - 2nd
75th Jasmijn de Jong Utrecht, Netherlands 29.03 PAPA World Pinball Championshi - 4th
76th Elise Fantom United States 28.4 Bride of PPL - 2nd
77th Emily Sweeney United States 27.56 Belles and Chimes Chicago - 8th
78th Micaela Wolf Calgary, AB, Canada 26.95 Women's Coup-de-Grace - 4th
79th Jennifer Hildebrandt United States 26.7 Belles & Chimes Phoenix - 1st
80th Umboon Moore United States 26.63 Babes in Pinland - 3rd
81st Katharine Uhrich United States 26.49 Belles & Chimes Chicago - 5th
82nd Megan Sprague Ottawa, ON, Canada 25.77 Women's International Pinball - 13th
83rd Sandy Graver Pittsburgh, PA, United States 25.5 Bride of PPL - 5th
84th Esther Ahronheim Portland, OR, United States 24.06 Australian Women's Championshi - 1st
85th Amber Marie Simon United States 24.06 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 8th
86th Zoe Yuill Toronto, ON, Canada 24.02 Canadian National Exhibition P - 5th
87th Marlys Rambeau Cleveland, OH, United States 24.01 Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Sho - 6th
88th Helena Walter Higgins Denver, CO, United States 23.9 IFPA Womens World Pinball Cham - 1st
89th Amy Kesting Columbus, OH, United States 23.61 Pinvasion - 4th
90th Jill King Toronto, ON, Canada 23.12 Canadian National Exhibition P - 7th
91st Hilary Higgins United States 22.92 Belles and Chimes Chicago - 9th
92nd Stephanie Davidson Portland, OR, United States 22.2 NW Pinball Championships - 2nd
93rd Honi Harrison Seattle, WA, United States 22.01 Babes in Pinland - 1st
94th Teresa Offie Pittsburgh, PA, United States 21.7 Women's International Pinball - 8th
95th Brenna Bechtold Portland, OR, United States 21.25 Battle of the Belles - 1st
96th Heather Willott Seattle, WA, United States 21.19 Northwest Womens Pinball Champ - 20th
97th Anna Buschman CA, United States 21.1 Belles & Chimes Oakland - 4th
98th Masha Dare United States 20.96 Women's International Pinball - 8th
99th Jennifer Peavler Denver, CO, United States 20.95 Belles and Chimes Denver - 1st
100th Annabeth Dronet Houston, TX, United States 20.79 Space City Pinball: Belles & C - 1st