Fort Wayne Pinball Wizard’s World Arcade – January 2024 update

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2023-24 IFPA North American Pinball Championship – FINALISTS

As the dust settles from NACS Day, we’re excited to announce the participants for the upcoming IFPA North American Pinball Championship. The champions from every State/Province/District get invited, with the runner-up serving as the only available alternate. The list below is the current seeding based on player confirmations of attendance. The top 6 seeds will receive a bye in the first round. Click HERE to view the bracket as it looks right now.

The IFPA North American Pinball Championship will feature over $40,000 in cash and prizes. This is in addition to the $130,000 awarded on NACS Day across the continent. Similar to the State/Province/District level, every participant in the IFPA North American Pinball Championship will walk away with a cash prize.

1 Escher Lefkoff 30 Ashton Capone
2 Jason Zahler 31 Timothy Street
3 Raymond Davidson 32 Carleton Plourde
4 Jared August 33 Keith Hanson
5 Steven Bowden 34 David Horner
6 Travis Murie 35 Kalyn Smith CA
7 Eric Stone 36 Jason Scheffelmaer
8 Dalton Ely 37 Karrie Hill
9 Jack Tadman 38 Shaun Amos
10 Derek Thomson 39 Ken Rossi
11 Richie Terry 40 Xyren Silvers
12 Daniel Rone 41 Jon Rangel
13 Bowen Kerins 42 Nick Schademann
14 Colin Urban 43 Brian Dye
15 Nick Destefano 44 James Hadden
16 Andrew Lee 45 Matthew Hartmann
17 Garrett Shahan 46 Dave Ponce
18 Elliott Keith 47 Chris Newsom
19 Adam Lefkoff 48 Geoff Davis
20 Drew Cedolia 49 Jillian Towne
21 Greg Poverelli 50 David Elrod
22 Jack Slovacek 51 Adam Kiesler
23 Aleksander Kaczmarczyk 52 Mike Loftus SD
24 Tanner Wade 53 Bec Taylor
25 Carter Casselman 54 Riley MacDonald
26 Nick Mueller 55 Derek Schaff
27 Andrew Foard 56 James Haag
28 Kevin Curtis 57 Ryan Babb
29 Drew Sych 58 Albert Agar

2023-24 IFPA North American Pinball Championship – Registration deadline approaching

Registration for the IFPA North American Pinball Championship closes tomorrow, Sunday, January 28th at 8pm CST.

We’ve heard some feedback as an organization that we need to do a better job reminding players of deadlines so they don’t miss the opportunity to compete.

We’re going to try to do one better than that, and use the community to track down these missing Champions who have yet to respond to their invite. If you know these people feel free to reach out to them about accepting this invite before it’s too late.

IFPA Connecticut State Champion –> Ashton Capone (FOUND!)
IFPA Idaho State Champion –> Xyren Silvers (FOUND!)
IFPA New Hampshire State Champion –> Jillian Towne (FOUND!)
IFPA New Jersey State Champion –> Ken Rossi (FOUND!)
IFPA North Dakota State Champion –> Ryan Babb (FOUND!)
IFPA Quebec Provincial Champion –> Adam Kiesler (FOUND!)
IFPA Vermont State Champion –> Carter Casselman (FOUND!)


Rolling Into Action- Pinball: The The Man Who Saved the Game

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Player One Amusement Group – New Pinball Games!!

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Missouri’s top pinball wizards compete in Springfield for championship tournament

NBC affiliate KY3 in Springfield, MO interviewed Josh Noble during of the IFPA Missouri State Pinball Championship today. Click HERE to watch the piece.

2023-24 NACS/WNACS Live Streaming and Results Information

NACS/WNACS Weekend is upon us!

Best of luck to the over 1000 competitors spread across the United States and Canada!

Stay up to date on all the brackets, all the streams, all the winners!

NACS list available HERE!

WNACS list available HERE!

HYUGA – Pinball LED Bulbs – January 2024 update

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Seattle’s Morning News – KIRO 97.3FM

KRIO Newsradio 97.3FM/770AM in Seattle, WA interviewed Germain Mariolle, Vanessa Ish and Ashley Weaver ahead of the IFPA Washington State Pinball Championship coming up this weekend. Click HERE to listen to the interview (starts at 3:40).