Stern Pinball sponsors 2019 IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship!

We’re excited to announce that Stern Pinball has stepped up in a huge way in support of the 4th annual IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship. The 2019 Women’s World Pinball Champion will be receiving a brand new Stern Pro pinball machine as the top prize!

The 4th annual IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship is scheduled for Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club in Las Vegas, NV.

Featuring 24 of the world’s greatest female players, the IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship is the most prestigious women’s tournament in competitive pinball.

We will be using our World Pinball Player Rankings as of January 1st, 2019 to field 16 qualifiers for the championship, along with our Women’s World Ranking system fielding an additional 8 wild card spots. The current Main Rankings are available HERE. The current Women’s Rankings are available HERE.

Any individual or organizaiton that is interested in sponsoring the Women’s World Championship, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re always interested in trying to boost the prize pool through the support of the community like we have in previous years.


Stern Deadpool owners – IFPA looking for some help

For any Deadpool owners that have a moment, we’re looking to help Stern analyze the gameplay audits from the collective players base out there to see the frequency of how often various features are started. If you’re interested in helping, please shoot an email of the audits from your game to ““.

If you happen to be an IFPA ranked player, please send your player ID number as well in the email.

Watch The World’s Best Pinball Players at IFPA 2018 | How The Game is Played (Ep. 2)

GameTime dedicated an episode of “How The Game is Played” to covering the IFPA15 World Pinball Championship up in Keswick, Ontario Canada.

Watch as competitive pinball player Adam Becker tries to keep his nerves and emotions in check in the quest for pinball supremacy alongside other international pros at the 2018 World Pinball Championships in Keswick, Ontario, the first ever held on Canadian soil. Featuring: Adam Becker, Jack Tadman, Joe Ciaravino, Robyn Harrison and other pinball pros.

Click HERE to watch.

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Jorian Engelbrektsson wins 7th Major Championship!

The legacy for Jorian Engelbrektsson grew even greater this weekend, as he won his 7th Major Championship. Jorian’s recent dominance at the EPC has been unmatched for that event, with victories in 3 out of the last 4, and 4 out of the last 6. Keith Elwin is the only play with more Major Championship victories – 10). For Jorian, this was also his 12th top 4 finish at a Major, which ties him with Lyman Sheats and Bowen Kerins who are also at 12. Only Keith Elwin has more top 4 finishes at Majors with 17.

Franck Bona earned his 6th top 4 finish at a Major Championship with his 2nd place finish. Colin Macalpine earned his 2nd top 4 finish, and Mads Kristensen earned his 1st top 4 finish.

To view the most current list of Major Championship stats, click HERE.

Stern Pro Circuit – selection process for 2019 season

As the 2018 season enters the final 4 months of the season, so does the process for selecting those IFPA sanctioned events that end up on the Stern Pro Circuit for the 2019 season.

The top 15 events currently on the SPC will earn the right to stay on the SPC for next season. Each season 5 new events will be included in the SPC, replacing the 5 current events with the lowest average WPPR point total over the past three years.

For those interested we are keep a spreadsheet of average WPPR point totals HERE.

With the IFPA sanctioning nearly 5000 events per year, it’s possible we are missing some potential SPC events on this spreadsheet. If you currently organize an event and want to have it tracked for potential SPC inclusion, please email us at and we’ll add it to the list.

Abari – Women’s Pinball Championship ’18

Blog post courtesy of Kevin Shanus

Abari Game Bar is proud to announce they’ll be hosting a Women’s Pinball Championship with a top prize of over $250 if a minimum participant count of 16 is reached by September 20th. Abari currently hosts the only Women’s Pinball League in the Carolinas with their Belles and Chimes Charlotte Chapter and will now be the first to host a Women’s Pinball Tournament. We’ve teamed up with Save Point Video Games to sponsor a pizza lunch for our participants!

Please visit our Facebook event page to register and get more information about the event:

#abarigamebar #savepointvg

European Pinball Championship 2018 this weekend!

EPC 2018 will be played this weekend in Tampere, Finland. Around 300 players are going to compete for the major championship title of European Pinball Champion.

Read more about the event at Tournament live stream will be available at, qualification data is available at and all the tournament playoff brackets can be seen at

Check out the EPC promo video HERE.

The Stern of the Union – September 2018

Sponsored blog post courtesy of Stern Pinball

The Stern of the Union Address will be on the first Tuesday of every month (holiday and vacation pending!). To read the full recap, please visit –…/stern-of-the-union-september-…

Here are a few highlights:

– Deadpool Pinball official Stern Army launch parties as well as the Premium/LE live stream with Dead Flip : Pinball Streaming Jack Danger!

– The Stern Army continues to grow with members spreading the word of pinball across the globe. Welcome Private Chuck Gardner of Maryland (Mom’s Organic Market), Private Carolyn Dawson of Oklahoma (Cactus Jack’s Family Fun Center), Private Chris Wamsley of Ohio (Actual Brewing Co.), Privates David and Leeann DeSloover of Michigan (Beek’s Bar & Grille), Private David Morris of Winnipeg, Canada (Half Pins Brewing) and Private Daniel Halpain of Texas (Flippers Tavern).
For more information or to become a part of the Stern Army, please reach out to

– Stern in Brazil.

– Stern Army Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast Tournament! Stern Pinball, Iron Maiden and the IFPA – International Flipper Pinball Association are teaming up to sponsor a Stern Army High-Score Tournament on Iron Maiden Pro, Premium and LE pinball machines. Players can enter by participating in any IFPA-sanctioned Stern Army events that include Iron Maiden in the tournament. For full details on this exciting tournament visit – 
– Congrats to Adam Becker for winning the Buffalo Pinball Summer Open and to Raymond Davidson for winning the NW Pinball Championships Stern Pro Circuit events! The next Stern Pro Circuit events will be the Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show (September 6-9) and the Vancouver Flip-Out Tournaments (September 6-9).

For full details on the Stern Pro Circuit and to keep up with the current standings, please visit –

– This month’s Stern Spotlight featuring another Sharpe in the world!

Deadpool Pinball Launch Party – September 2018!

To celebrate the launch of the Deadpool pinball machine, Stern and the IFPA are teaming up to host 68 launch parties going on across the globe!

Click on the flyer HERE to find the Launch Party nearest you, or visit the IFPA Calendar HERE!