Joel Courtney & Crystal Reed To Star In ‘Pinball’ Film From Austin And Meredith Bragg

Joel Courtney (Kissing Booth, Super 8) and Crystal Reed (Swamp Thing, Teen Wolf) have signed on to star in Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game for MPI Original Films.

The dramatic comedy produced by MPI is based on the true story of writer and pinball wizard Roger Sharpe, chronicling his journey to overturn New York City’s 35-year ban on pinball.

Click HERE to read the entire press release.

Captain’s Auction Warehouse – Museum of Pinball Auction!

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ESPN8: The Ocho Returns August 6 with Electric Line-Up of Unique Sporting Endeavors

This year ESPN8: The Ocho will feature competitive pinball. Tune in on Friday, August 6th at 2:30pm EST for the Stern Heads-Up Pinball Invitational. Click HERE for the full ESPN8 schedule.

IFPA sanctioning resumes!

The official sanctioning of events for WPPR points resumes August 1.

Congratulations to Christian Holmsten for getting the silver ball rolling with the first sanctioned event: a midnight frenzy tournament in Borås, Sweden.

As the IFPA resumes sanctioning, we support tournament and league directors in taking any precautions they deem appropriate to make their events safe for attendees and for their communities at large. This includes requiring that participants are vaccinated and show proof of vaccine status, subject to local regulations. Look to guidance from local health officials, the World Health Organization (WHO), and national bodies like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Any health and safety guidelines should be included in event announcements so that expectations are clear well in advance, and all participants are expected to abide by them. This remains a stressful and uncertain time for many of us, so be respectful of organizers, venue owners, and fellow competitors.

We recognize that the pandemic is an ongoing and fluid situation with an impact that varies across different regions of the world. The IFPA continues to monitor the global situation with input from our country directors and provincial/state representatives, and the decision to resume sanctioning is subject to change.

The IFPA offers itself as a resource for anyone interested in organizing or attending events. Please reach out to us with any questions. Be safe, be kind, and have fun!

Pinball wizards go for broke in East Rochester

CITY Magazine posted an article about the opening of the Rochester Pinball Collective in East Rochester, NY. Click HERE to read the article.

Captain’s Auction Warehouse – End of Summer Savings Auction!

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The race for No. 1 and title of World’s Greatest Pinball Player for 2021 up for grabs!

We’ve spent the last year and a half watching the WPPR decay take its toll on the world’s top ranked players. 9 months of 2020 inactivity saw Raymond Davidson overtake Johannes Ostermeier for the World’s #1 spot. Continued inactivity in 2021 saw Eric Stone jump into the World’s #1 spot only to have Raymond Davidson recently jump back ahead of him.

With IFPA resuming sanctioning of events on August 1st, we will finally have a race to talk about! While the IFPA isn’t holding any Championships for the 2020 season, we will continue to award our highest honor, “World’s Greatest Pinball Player” to the player that finishes ranked #1 at the end of this season.

There’s SIX players within 100 WPPR points of one another in this race for #1. If we factor in a fully decayed 2021 season, here is how things would end if none of these six players participated in any IFPA sanctioned events for the remainder of the season:

Raymond Davidson –> 606.13 WPPR points
Peter Andersen –> 586.80 WPPR points
Colin Urban –> 555.69 WPPR points
Eric Stone –> 547.04 WPPR points
Johannes Ostermeier –> 531.08 WPPR points
Escher Lefkoff –> 519.56 WPPR points

We expect all 6 of these players to get out there one way or another. With no Majors on the calendar for the remaining part of the 2021 season, it will be interesting to see how the chase for the top spot turns out! Best of luck to Raymond, Peter, Colin, Eric, Johannes and Escher!

Stern Rewards Program – Avengers Infinity Quest Premium Added!

The IFPA is excited to announce that Stern has added Avengers Infinity Quest Premium to the rewards program. For any interested players, the estimated availability date for current orders is 2022. Any questions please contact us at

Detailed rules for the $tern Rewards Program, including an updated list of qualifiers, and updated list of rewards available can be found HERE.

IFPA Challenge Rankings – ICR Championship for Season #3 is underway!

173 players participated in 3,756 matches in Season #3 of the IFPA Challenge Rankings (ICR) system from 4/1/21 through 6/30/21, with 64 qualifiers now advancing to the ICR Championship.

Fuji Eng from Victoria, BC, Canada enters the Championship as the top seed, battling for his share of $173 in prizes.

The first round of the playoffs will be held between now and July 9th. Follow along the progress by checking out the playoff bracket HERE.

For full details on the ICR, please click HERE.

To join our IFPA ICR Discord click HERE and connect with other players to organize IFPA Challenge Matches.

Little Shop of Games – June 2021 update

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