Dusty dive bars and new brewpubs attract a new generation of pinball fanatics in the Twin Cities

CityPages published an article on the resurgence of competitive pinball in the Minneapolis area. Click HERE to read the article.

Inside Houston’s Competitive Pinball Scene

The Houstonian published an article on the resurgence of competitive pinball in the Houston area. Click HERE to read the article.

2019 Stern Pro Circuit Championship Odds, Predictions & Picks

Juan Carlos from MyBookie published an article on his predictions for the upcoming Stern Pro Circuit Championship. Click HERE to read the article.

The Resurgence of Competitive Pinball

MyBookie published an article on the resurgence of competitive pinball. Click HERE to read the article.

IFPA hires new Senior Director of Player Relations

The IFPA is proud to welcome our newest staff member, Evan Carter Sharpe. He arrived Thursday February 21st, 2019.

Evan will be responsible for bringing a level of professionalism not yet seen of any other member of the IFPA staff. He’ll be taking the specifications from the players and bringing them down to the IFPA Board members. He’ll be dealing with the players so the IFPA Board members don’t have to. He has people skills. He is good at dealing with people.

Evan will also be responsible for finishing up the prototype to the IFPA’s Jump to Rulings Conclusions Mat(tm).

PinballSTAR Amusements – Chicago Gaming Texas Pinball Festival SHOW GAME $ 500 DISCOUNT !

sponsored blog post

Show games that will be at TPF in March in the CG booth will be discounted $ 500 as follows :
MBR CE 6,000 – 500 = 5,500
MBR SE 7,300 – 500 = 6,800
AFMR CE with color kit installed (400 value) 6,000 – 500 = 5,500
AFMR SE 7,300 – 500 = 6,800

PLUS – you get all of the following perks :
The customer will also get full credit at TPF for being an exhibitor who brought a game.
– one (1) free weekend pass to Texas Pinball Festival
– exclusive access to the Exhibitor After Party on Saturday night
– a collectible Challenge Coin per exhibited game (while supplies last)
– a raffle ticket for an exclusive Exhibitor raffle and door prizes
– a chance to win exhibitor only prizes at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday
– an exhibitor Swag Bag

Sale ends 3/7/19 – So get your orders in NOW – availability is limited !

No shipping cost ! You can’t remove the game until end of the show Sun 3/24 at 2:30pm.

Email Joe at Sales@PinballSTAR.com to get in on this incredible offer !

Pinball is more than just a game for some people

FOX10 in Phoenix, Arizona covered the resurgence in competitive pinball in the area. Click HERE to watch the piece.

Elk Grove pinball machine maker’s tournament coming to ESPN

The Daily Herald in Chicago published an article on competitive pinball officially hitting ESPN later this summer. Click HERE to read the article.

IFPA Pinball – 2019 Stern Pro Circuit Championship Odds

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MyBookie Branches Into Competitive Pinball, Releasing Stern Pro Circuit Odds

MyBookie.ag oddsmaker David Strauss is a big fan of competitive pinball. “Pinball has long been celebrated as a great American pastime,” says Strauss. “It’s a game that can’t be replicated digitally, and as a result, is enjoyed by players of all ages.”

Since MyBookie.ag is always looking for new and interesting betting markets, having Strauss put up pinball betting markets was a perfect fit.

Raymond Davidson is listed as the favorite to win the Stern Pro Circuit. Click HERE for MyBookie’s press release and HERE to see the full list of odds.