World Pinball Player Rankings update – closing out 2017 and moving to WPPR v5.4

world_pinball_player_rankings_wppr1As we come to an end of another season, the 2018 season brings us some additional challenges, the biggest being the launch of the IFPA endorsement fee for North America.

Up first is closing the books on 2017, and in order to do that we are asking that any organizer that has open tournament results submit those to us by Thursday, January 4th. Furthermore, any corrections to player misspellings, incorrect results, improper scoring issues, etc, all need to be addressed by January 4th as well. Please take some time to review your own personal results to see if anything looks out of place.

Our plan is to lock down 2017 on January 4th, and use the standings at that time for IFPA15 World Championship qualifying purposes, as well as the other Championship Series purposes (State Championship Series, European Championship Series, etc). Any errors caught after that point in time will NOT impact the 2017 standings, although those changes will be reflected in the 2018 rankings going forward.

Any questions please contact us at, and remember that if your profile doesn’t say ‘Registered’ with a green check mark, that we do NOT have your email address on file. This means we will not be able to contact you for any IFPA World Championship or other Championship Series qualifying issues.

With the State Championships planned earlier than normal on January 20th, 2018, registration process for SCS is going to be QUICK (not quite Pinburgh fast, but faster than usual). Players will have until the end of January 7th, 8pm CST to declare the state they wish to compete in. Contact your IFPA State Representative to make sure you are registered for the state you wish to play in.

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