World Pinball Player Rankings – Biggest Movers of July 2012!

The IFPA is pleased to announce that the following players saw the biggest jump in their world ranking based on their July 2012 tournament performance.

The biggest movers for July 2012 included [player]Mike Leeson[/player] from the US, who moved up 8484 spots from a 8th place finish in the latest season of the Buckeye Pinball League. [player]Seth Lettofsky[/player] from the US moved up 7625 spots from his 21st place finish at the same Buckeye Pinball League. [player]Scott Davids[/player] from the US moved up 6493 spots from his 51st and 25th place finish at the Modern and Classics Division of California Extreme. [player]Mike Gin[/player] from the US also saw an increase from California Extreme, moving up 6332 spots from his 50th and 69th place finish in the Modern and Classics Division respectively. Finally, [player]Edward Dobson[/player] from the US moved himself up 5997 spots from his performance at California Extreme, C-Bar Tournament and Vitus Tournament all during the month of July..

Congratulations to Mike, Seth, Scott, Mike and Edward, as well as the other players that saw a jump in their ranking from their June tournament performance!

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