Steven Bowden wins the Brooklyn Pinball Championship and Francesco La Rocca is the Brooklyn Champion!

The tournament was great and all loved it and nobody went home with empty hands! Satellite Lounge had a great turn out with 32 players (split randomly in 8 groups of 4 players) plus 2 late entry for total of 34. 8 machines were used (24 – South Park – Monster Bash – Batman The Dark Knight – Indiana Jones 4 – High Speed II – Big Buck Hunter – Playboy from Bally),  all well taken care of by Al Cihak!

Steven Bowden came out triumphant with Koi Morris 2nd, Frank Romero 3rd and Peace Nick Mann 4th. Francesco La Rocca finished 5th and was the highest Brooklyn resident! 7 games were played in the first round with pts given 5/3/2/1 and the winner of each group went into Group A; second place winners went to B and the other 16 players went to C (there were 2 tie break games in 2 groups for 2nd place so 1 extra game, chosen at random, was played).

B Group played 2 more games; each player added their points from both games where coming in first on a game out of the 8 scores earned 10 pts; coming in 2nd out of the 8 scores earned 7 pts; and so on down to 1 pt for 8th place. Winner of B group was Joe Said! C group was played in the same style but 20 pts for first place, 15 for 2nd and so on to 1 point for 16th place (2 tie break games were played to decide 2nd/3rd place and 5th/6th place). Winner of C group was Simon Olenick!

The 8 qualified for A were split randomly in 2 groups and played 3 machines with same scoring as the first round: 5/3/2/1. The 2 winners and the second of each group went to final round (each player picking one machine plus 1 chosen at random) while the other 4 played 2 extra games and Francesco came out the winner.

Next Brooklyn Pinball Championship is scheduled for November 28, 2010 !

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