Stern Rewards Program – 2021 rewards expire December 31st!

rewardJust a reminder for anyone eligible to claim their $tern Reward, the deadline is December 31st, 2021 for anyone with a 2020 reward available.

The $tern Rewards Program provides IFPA players who qualify the chance to purchase one new Stern Pinball, Inc. (SPI) pinball game directly from SPI at the IFPA Price plus shipping and any applicable taxes. All sales are subject to SPI’s standard terms of sale. Game selection is subject to availability, and no guarantee is made that any particular game will be available.

Qualifying participants will also be eligible for discounts at the Stern online store which features a wide range of Stern and $tern Rewards Program merchandise exclusive to the IFPA rewards program.

Detailed rules for the $tern Rewards Program, including an updated list of qualifiers, and updated list of rewards available can be found HERE. Contact the IFPA at if you have any questions.

3 responses to “Stern Rewards Program – 2021 rewards expire December 31st!”

  1. Kevin says:

    How do we claim our reward if there is no approximation on when the game will be available? There has been no estimate for pretty much all of 2021 so how will we know when to expect a game if we send money? Thanks in advance for clarifying! Not trying to be difficult, just genuinely curious to know more.

  2. Josh Sharpe Josh Sharpe says:

    Rewards are based on when the order is placed, not when the order ships.

    No deposit or payment of any kind is needed until Stern contacts you letting you know the game is ready to ship.

  3. Kevin says:

    Awesome, good to know. I sent an email asking for some more info on ordering. Happy holidays!

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