Stern Pro Circuit Championship – Prize package BOOSTED!

With 2 events remaining in the 2019 season, Stern in collaboration with the IFPA and PAPA, is excited to announce a boost to the prize package, courtesy of Stern Pinball!

Besides contributing a NIB Stern Pro machine to the winner, Stern is adding $10,000 to the prize pool to be spread across the top 20 finalists. Finalists will be taking home a minimum of $600 each, with the Stern Pro Circuit Champion receiving an additional $5000 in cash!

Here is the updated prize package:

1st place –> $5000 + New Stern Pro pinball machine + Stern Pro Circuit Belt
2nd place –> $2000
3rd place –> $1500
4th place –> $1300
5th place –> $1200
6th place –> $1100
7th place –> $1000
8th place –> $900
9th place –> $800
10th place –> $700
11th through 20th place –> $600 each

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to send feedback to

3 responses to “Stern Pro Circuit Championship – Prize package BOOSTED!”

  1. mark mitchell says:

    wow great good luck to the players I will make to one of these one day

  2. GravitaR says:

    Prize pool way to top heavy. $10K+ then drop to $2K seems overly drastic. Spread some of those top dollars down so players are more inclined to travel for the finals.

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