Stern Pro Circuit Championship – Format change announcement

Just so it did not come as a surprise to all participants on the 2019 Stern Pro Circuit tour with 18 events remaining, Stern in collaboration with the IFPA and PAPA, have modified the format of this season’s final championship.  This change will reduce the field of qualifiers from 40 players down to 20.  We will also be removing the first 2 rounds and this final in homage of the original PAPA Circuit final will be a strict ladder match format from start all the way to finish.

Through our post mortem process and in meeting with all parties including outside partners (production companies, ESPN, media outlets), this change is needed in order to reduce the overall time of the event, but more importantly paint a clearer picture to the casual viewer of this high level event in a simple, easy to understand and digestible format right from the get go.  While we do not have defined payouts for next year’s final since they are always subject to change based on additional sponsorships throughout the year, we can guarantee that the overall prize package for next year’s championship will increase.

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  1. And the impact of ESPN begins.

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