Stern KISS Pinball Launch Party . . . IFPA looking for volunteers!

KISSproGAMEpageWe're looking to round up some volunteers to help us with hosting the Stern KISS Pinball Launch Party tournaments.

The date Stern is targeting is June 19th-21st weekend.

If you are interested in helping serve as an IFPA representative for a launch party in your city, please send me an email (ifpapinball at gmail dot com) including the city you live in. We'll then get that information to Stern to try and find a distributor/operator/location owner in your area to match you up with to get the party set up.

IFPA representative duties would include game setup at the site, along with running the tournament portion of the party.

7 responses to “Stern KISS Pinball Launch Party . . . IFPA looking for volunteers!”

  1. Kevin Shanus says:

    Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo weekend!

  2. David Klionsky says:

    Would love to do an event in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area on July 12 or 13!

  3. The Pinball Lounge would be proud to host your launch party for the new
    KISS pinball.  We have a newly renovated facility solely dedicated to
    Pinball and nothing but Pinball.  We’re located in Oviedo, FL, about
    20min from downtown Orlando. Ironically, we’re less than 5 miles from
    Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons new restaurant Rock & Brew’s

  4. ChrisHeeley says:

    It would be great to play KISS at a launch party held at The Pinball Lounge in Oviedo, FL.

  5. Bob says:

    I suggest you test the lock kickout before the launch party; both of the Kiss machines at the NW show often threw the ball SDTM after you locked a ball.

  6. flashburn_2012 says:

    Another vote for The Pinball Lounge in Oviedo, FL. Great place!

  7. Doug Bernard says:

    If they put it in the Pinball Lounge in Oviedo, FL I’ll be there to play

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