Shorty’s and Full Tilt Pre-IFPA Tournaments: Registration is OPEN!

As we get ready for IFPA World Championship Week out in Seattle, we are pleased to open pre-registration for both the Shorty's and Full Tilt tournaments. Pre-registration will be open until May 28th. While you can show up the day of to participate, there is a $5 discount on the registration fee for those that pre-register ($20 versus $25 at the door).

Registration is available here:

Pre-IFPA Tournament Registration

These Pre-IFPA Tournaments both start at 1pm, with check in starting at noon. Shorty's will be Tuesday, June 5th, with Full Tilt being Wednesday, June 6th.

Full details for the Shorty's Pre-IFPA Tournament are available HERE.

Full details for the Full Tilt Pre-IFPA Tournament are available HERE.

Any questions, please contact the IFPA directly at

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