Sean Grant wins NYC Pinball League 2010 Season 2!

Sean “The Storm” Grant takes top honors at NYC Pinball League, 2010 season 2. The season ending on November 10 was not a slam-dunk for Sean as in previous seasons. Sean, Steve Bowden and Alberto Santana all owned the top rank at one time or another as the season progressed, but Sean earned it back from Alberto during the last week of regular play and successfully defended it during finals week against Steve Bowden. It was a great season contested on Stern’s latest titles, Big Buck Hunter Pro and Iron Man. Avatar joined the line up late in the season and will be added to the rotation to kick off the first of 3 expected seasons for 2011. Long time member, Adam Chao, fine tuned his game and broke into the top 8 early and stayed there the remainder of the season. Other forces to be reckoned with in upcoming seasons are Nick McCarthy and Alex Jones (both class C finalists at PAPA 13), Vanessa Cameron, Sean Garcia and Joe Said, all of whom made big moves this season relative to their starting ranks. For more information on the NYC Pinball League, visit Full results can be found HERE.

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