Results from Second Round!

Fred Richardson d. Andreas Graber (4-1)
Fred won on Dogies, Big Indian, Evel Knievel, 24
Andreas won on Meteor
Brenn Oosterbaan d. Derek Fugate (4-1)
Brenn won on Monster Bash, Quick Draw, Royal Flush, Dracula
Derek won on Twilight Zone
John Miller d. Bowen Kerins (4-2)
John won on Indiana Jones, Centaur, Bow & Arrow, Old Chicago
Bowen won on Spiderman, Creature from the Black Lagoon

Jorgen Holm d. Jim Belsito (4-0)
Jorgen won on Family Guy, Corvette, Cheetah, Addams Family
Josh Sharpe d. Adam Mckinnie (4-1)
Josh won on World Poker Tour, Bow & Arrow, Cheetah, Addams Family
Adam won on Quick Draw
Jorian Engelbrektsson d. Ed Zeltmann (5-3)
Jorian won on Wizard, Family Guy, Quicksilver, Meteor, Twilight Zone
Ed won on Attack From Mars, Quick Draw, Getaway

Tim Hansen d. Albert Medaillon (4-2)
Tim won on Pirates, Spiderman, Bow & Arrow, Royal Flush
Albert won on Barracora, Cheetah
Trent Augenstein d. Cayle George (5-4)
Trent won on Bow & Arrow, Quick Draw, Corvette, Lord of the Rings, 24
Cayle won on Dirty Harry, Twilight Zone, Fish Tales, Getaway

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