Please Clear Your Browser Cache!

A few weeks ago one of our WordPress Plugins had a security breach and allowed a 3rd party to inject some javascript in WordPress’s Jquery code.  This would cause random popups to occur when visiting specific pages on the site.  This was quickly fixed by restoring an old backup and comparing all files modified the previous 45 days prior the event happening. The plugin in question has been removed.  Additionally we have setup additional monitors on both the WordPress and the file-system to detect any changes or attacks.

However, it appears some of the WordPress files stay cached for a long period of time and thus, some people may be still be seeing the issue. Since it occurred,  we have been testing the website almost daily from multiple desktops/mobile devices and can’t replicate the issue. Please clear your brower’s cache for our website and if it occurs again, please report back to us with the page you were on and the time it occurred.

Sorry for any issues this may have caused!

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