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2024 IFPA Pin-Masters – LIVE RESULTS

Click HERE to see qualifying results!

Click HERE to see FINALS results!

Click HERE to watch the stream!

Things start at 9am CST!

2023-24 IFPA North American Pinball Championship – LIVE Results!

Follow along with the action for the 2023-24 IFPA North American Championship where players will be battling for their share of nearly $50,000 in cash and prizes.



HYUGA Pinball – Retro SMD Bullet Bulbs

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PAPA 21 World Pinball Championships – Pre-Registration Bonus Entry!

In an effort to better estimate head count we will be offering three free main cards instead of two if you purchase a PAPA21 pass before 5:00pm CST on Friday, March 1st, 2024. Everyone that has already purchased a PAPA21 pass will also receive three free main cards instead of two.

Pre-registration is not required but is encouraged. Full details are at and we encourage anyone interested to spread the link.


IFPA NACS/Pin-Masters Game List

We’re just under 3 weeks away from the 2023-24 IFPA North American Pinball Championship and 2024 IFPA Pin-Masters!

We have our tentative game list available HERE. Please note that only 6 games from each group will be used for IFPA Pin-Masters and that this list is of course subject to change.

Spots for IFPA Pin-Masters are still available! Over $20,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs including a NIB Stern pinball machine for the winner. For details of the event and to register please go HERE.

IFPA’s Player of the Month/Biggest Movers for January 2024!

Here are the January 2024 IFPA winners for Player of the Month and Biggest Movers:

Player of the Month:
Viggo Löwgren from Furulund, Sweden (663.00 WPPR’s – MAIN)
Jane Verwys from Chicago, IL (142.54 WPPR’s – WOMEN’S)

Biggest Movers:
Zahava Saltzman from Redmond, WA (+20,512 spots)
Jeff Murray from Reno, NV (+20,280 spots)
Tom Ramey from Marble Falls, TX (+16,865 spots)
Jill Grunenwald from Cleveland, OH (+16,743 spots)

These players have now all qualified for the Stern Rewards Program for 2024. Congrats to everyone!


A new generation is embracing pinball

Gen Z arcade fans are embracing a familiar favorite: pinball. Players like 19 year old Jason Zahler started at age 3 and is now ranked the number one player in the world. NBC’s George Solis has the story. Click HERE to watch.

PAPA 21 World Pinball Championships – Registration is OPEN!

We are pleased to announce the PAPA 21 World Pinball Championships, a Memorial for Suicide Awareness in memory of Lyman F. Sheats, Jr.

The last PAPA World Pinball Championships were held in April 2017, and since that time, we have lost Lyman to suicide. The legendarily challenging format of the World Pinball Championships made this Lyman’s favorite tournament, which he won in 2004 and 2006 (he also won the earlier PAPA 3, which used a different format), while consistently reaching the finals in almost every year. This tournament now honors his legacy in the pinball world, as well as his memory as a person.

The event will be held September 5-8, 2024, at Enterrium in Schaumburg, Illinois. This is a charity event that we hope will be rewarding for players, while honoring Lyman’s memory and raising money for suicide awareness.

Pre-registration is not required but is encouraged. Full details are at and we encourage anyone interested to spread the link.


2023-24 IFPA Women’s North American Pinball Championship – FINALISTS

The response to the IFPA’s Women’s North American Championship Series has been incredibly enthusiastic and positive. This year, 49 state and provincial championship events were held, and we are excited to announce the participants for the upcoming, first ever, IFPA Women’s North American Pinball Championship, to be held at Wizard’s World in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on March 22nd! The champions from every State/Province are invited to participate, with the runner-up serving as the only available alternate. The list below is the current seeding based on player confirmations of attendance. Seeding was determined by combining each player’s women’s open ranking and women’s-only ranking; players who were not ranked through both sets of rankings were ranked below those who were. Based on current attendance, the top 16 will receive a bye in the first round. Click HERE to view the bracket as it looks right now.

1 Leslie Ruckman (CA) 25 Polly Vernon (ON)
2 Keri Wing (KS) 26 Gwen Octavia (FL)
3 Sunshine Bon (MO) 27 Heather Kendrick (MI)
4 Jane Verwys (IL) 28 Debbie Smith (ID)
5 Kassidy Milanowski (WI) 29 Allie Lawson (AR)
6 Stephanie Traub (DE) 30 Kathy Bobeck (PA)
7 Tracy Lindbergh (AZ) 31 Crystal Cory (UT)
8 Zoe Vrabel (MA) 32 Deanna Gerard (AL)
9 Deborah Tahlman (OK) 33 Cher Farnsworth (TN)
10 Kaylee Campbell (NC) 34 Caitlin Collier (NV)
11 Amy Kesting (OH) 35 Candace Selby (MD)
12 Micaela Wolf (AB) 36 Emily May (VT)
13 Alice Young (TX) 37 Phoebe Smith (KY)
14 Mandy Peel (NM) 38 Cate Treese (NJ)
15 Anna Wolk (NY) 39 Callie Holman (SC)
16 Laura Fraley (VA) 40 Nicole Turcotte (CT)
17 Sara Little (BC) 41 Leslie Sinclair (MS)
18 Sydnee Deventer (IN) 42 Courtney Moncrief (NE)
19 Sunni Williams (OR) 43 Liz Miller (MB)
20 Sarah Bay (WA) 44 Maryz Bedard (QC)
21 Whitney Lindaas (MN) 45 Emily Rose (RI)
22 Ariel Dutton (LA) 46 Megan Stephens (GA)
23 Rhonda Wamsley (WV) 47 Lauren Baldwin (NH)
24 Elyza Brillantes (CO) 48 Erin Stevens (IA)