On Wisconsin: Flippers, lights, silver balls and a league

5312aec86d4d8.preview-620The Wisconsin State Journal recently covered the Waun-a-Pinball Tournament in Waunakee, WI. The Waun-a-Pinball Tournament is one of the over 1600 IFPA endorsed events held around the world where players can earn WPPR points to qualify for the IFPA World Pinball Championship, as well as qualify for the IFPA Wisconsin State Pinball Championship. Players featured include [player]Robert Stickney[/player] (ranked 1566th in the world), [player]Timothy Enders[/player] (ranked 1209th in the world), [player]Steve Tully[/player] (ranked 1983rd in the world), [player]Hilton Jones[/player] (ranked 1244th in the world) and [player]Todd Mcilwee[/player] (ranked 6607th in the world). Click HERE to read the article. Click HERE to watch the video.

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