Mike Weyenberg – IFPA’s 2021 Rookie of the Year!

The IFPA is pleased to announce that our Rookie of the Year for the 2021 season is Mike Weyenberg from Manitowoc, WI. This award is given to the player that earns the most WPPR points in their first year of active play.

With the shortened 5 month season of 2021, Mike was still able to play in 30 events. Michael earned 167.32 WPPR points from these 30 events. Mike participated in his first IFPA sanctioned tournament on August 7th at the D82 Pinball Lucky 13 Tournament. Since entering the World Pinball Player Rankings at that time, Mike has seen his rank increase to 344th in the world.

Mike’s greatest achievement of 2021 was his 3rd place finish in the District 82 Pinball December 2021 League, out of 63 players. Overall, Mike placed in the top 4 at 20% of the 2021 events he played in, a truly remarkable achievement.

Congratulations to Mike, our 2021 IFPA Rookie of the Year!

5 responses to “Mike Weyenberg – IFPA’s 2021 Rookie of the Year!”

  1. Mark Ten Haken says:

    Awesome job Mike. Well deserved!!

  2. BRET DERBY says:

    Way to go Rookie!!!

  3. Hailey Davis says:

    Nice!!! Very deserved!

  4. Tom Menge Tom Menge says:

    That is awesome! Way to go Mike!

  5. That’s amazing results in his first half year! :O
    But I guess it’s not his first time playing pinball. 😉
    Big congrats anyway!

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