Mario Anzini wins the second Flipperando in Veneto!

On June 19th the second event of 2011 Flipperando in Veneto took place in Verona, at Barbarossa Club. Great location, great people and great pins. 18 players enjoyed the wonderfull 8 pins line-up for the entire day: Black Knight 2000, Indiana Jones: The pinball adventure, Johnny Mnemonic, Attack From Mars, Swords of Fury, Dr Who, Pinbot, Creature from the Black Lagoon. And after the Italian Pinball Championship, Mario Anzini got used to the win, adding another victory to his palmares. The qualifying section was controlled by Daniele Acciari who won almost every round, qualifying for the final with Matteo Pierobon, Alberto Paolin and Mario Anzini. Three four-players matches have been played on Dr Who, Black Knight 2000 and Attack From Mars. The competition was very equilibrated, but Anzini won by a small margin over Acciari and Matteo Pierobon. Acciari needed a tie-breaker on Indiana Jones: The pinball adventure to earn the second place over Pierobon. The prize for the top three was a combination of good Valpolicella wine and cherry jam, all typical products of the region. Two t-shits where also awarded to Sara Squizzato and Antonella Vetro, the two women in the competition.

Congratulations again to Mario and big thanks to all players who made a fantastic day of played pinball. Everybody is invited to the next event in July, at Nicola Pierobon’s place for another pinball party.

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