Let the Games Begin!!!


March 28th and 29th in LAS VEGAS

Who are the industry’s best pinball players? The 2007 Amusement Showcase International is pleased to announce the staging of an amazing spectacle for bragging rights in crowning the industry’s TOP PINBALL WIZARD. It is just one more attraction of what promises to be one of the best and most exciting ASI shows ever. ASI, along with the all new International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is sponsoring this can’t miss event, “The 1st Amusement Showcase International Pinball Championships!”

As part of the Amusement Showcase International Pinball Championships, the IFPA is excited to team up with Global VR to announce the first ever Ultrapin Tournament.

Scheduled to take place during show hours on Wednesday March 28th and Thursday march 29th (10AM – 5PM), the Ultrapin Tournament will feature 5 different tables for players to compete on. This will include Strikes and Spares, Fathom, Firepower, Eight Ball Champ and Medieval Madness. The tournament machines will be provided by Global VR. All players can enter for qualifying round play for only $10 per entry, which will earn them a set of three games. 1st place on any game awards 10 points down to 1 point for the 10th best score (for a maximum of 50 points per player). Everyone can enter multiple times, and the top 7 scorers will qualify for the finals to be conducted on Thursday night as a featured part of ASI’s all-new Show floor Happy Hour entertainment.

Grand Prize for this tournament will be a brand new Ultrapin machine, with plaques being awarded to the top 4 finishers.

Those participating in any of the competitions can pre-register through the ASI website.

Pre-registration will allow players free entry (a $40 savings) into the ASI Show.Here is the link to the pre-registration form. This will allow you to get into the ASI show for FREE!!!

Here is the link to the ASI Pinball Tournament webpage.

Most important to all the friendly competition is that a percentage of all proceeds will go to benefit the ASI Charitable Foundation as well as the Las Vegas Salvation Army. Look for more details on this can’t miss event, and plan to practice flexing those flipper fingers in anticipation of the ASI/IFPA Pinball Championships!

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