The National Gaming Board of Sweden has now officially announced that
the Stockholm Pinball association has a license to put up 74 games at
the Vårgårda Park during this weekend. This means that the tournament
will be played as planned! We are very grateful that the gaming board
came to this conclusion, and that they did it in time.

We will still NOT pay out any prizes, since this is explicitly
forbidden in the license. Instead, the top 16 players in the
championships will be the only ones invited to play in an exhibition
tournament, probably in connection to next year’s IFPA World Pinball
Championships in Seattle. Hopefully this increased honor and glory
will compensate for the lack of prize money. More information about
this will be announced in the future.

There will not be any changes in the time schedule. All events will
happen as scheduled, and as previously communicated on the web site.

Refund Policy

Since the conditions have changed, and there will not be any prizes,
any players that decide to withdraw from the tournament will be fully
refunded, and players from the reserve list will be called in instead.
Please contact with details if you would like to
be refunded.

We’ve naturally had a lot to do the last couple of days, and have not
been able to recalculate the financials yet. Different aspects of the
course of events have both increased (mostly the license application
fee) and decreased (mostly the prize money) our costs. If the
recalculation ends up in a significantly better financial situation,
we will use this money for equal refunds to all players. More
information about this will be announced in the future. If it ends up
significantly worse, we will probably have to do the dishes at the
local restaurants…

Balacs Pinball Party

There have been discussions about trying to play a mini-BPP during
this week. A decision has been made not to do this, and to concentrate
on the IFPA World Championships. Any other questions about the
cancelled Balacs Pinball Party are best asked to Christian Balac

Stockholm Pinball will continue to pursue the matter of licenses for
pinball tournaments further, since we will not be able to pay this
amount of money every time we arrange a tournament. More information
about this will come as we proceed.