IFPA16 World Pinball Championship – SECOND ROUND results!

Bracket for finals available here:

Nick Mueller d. Erno Rotter (5-4)
Nick won on Elvira and the Party Monsters, Ten-Up, Rocket III, The Addams Family, Game of Thrones
Erno won on Space Station, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Deadpool, Fire

Roberto Pedroni d. John Delzoppo (4-0)
John won on Diner, Deadpool, Dialed In, Whirlwind

Markus Stix d. Levente Tregova (4-0)
Markus won on Dialed In, Munsters, Taxi, Whirlwind

Jack Tadman d. Gabor Solymosi (4-1)
Jack won on The Beatles, The Addams Family, Dialed In, Hi-Lo
Gabor won on The Walking Dead

Tormod Pettersen d. Josh Sharpe (4-2)
Tormod won on Poseidon, Dolly Parton, Game of Thrones, Black Knight
Josh won on Whirlwind, Diner

Adam Becker d. Rich Mallett (4-0)
Adam won Dolly Parton, Fire, Fish Tales, Dialed In

Phil Grimaldi d. Santiago Elices (5-3)
Phil won on Avengers, Surf N Safari, Ten Up, Iron Maiden, Fish Tales
Santiago won on Twilight Zone, Space Station, Dolly Parton

Jorian Engelbrektsson d. Johan Genberg (5-3)
Jorian won on Iron Maiden, Dialed In, Diner, Fish Tales, Taxi
Johan won on The Addams Family, Dolly Parton, Top Hand

Qualifying results available here:

LIVE Streaming will be here when available:

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