IFPA Women’s Pinball Championship – Coming in 2016!

ifpa.jpg-w227h210We’re excited to announce that we are creating the official IFPA Women’s Pinball Championship, to be held in conjunction with the IFPA US National Pinball Championship out in Las Vegas on March 17th, 2016.

The IFPA plans on inviting the top 16 ranked women from around the world to battle it out in a best-of-7 single elimination format to crown the IFPA Women’s Pinball Champion. Similar to the qualifying process used for the IFPA World Pinball Championship we will use the rankings as of January 1, 2016 to determine the qualifiers. Full details of the event including schedule, entry fee, prizes, etc. will be available soon.

The current Women’s Rankings are available HERE.

For those women that do not find themselves on the ranking, please contact the IFPA and we will update your profile.

17 responses to “IFPA Women’s Pinball Championship – Coming in 2016!”

  1. Kayla Greet says:

    This is the COOLEST thing IFPA has ever done, in my opinion. Thank you guys!!

  2. Josh Tidmore says:

    But in a twist of irony their world championship tournament will not qualify for IFPA points.

  3. WPPT says:

    Does this mean a womens only tournament can apply for points?

  4. Kayla Greet says:

    That is not the impression I’m getting from this post.

  5. Anna Wolk says:

    Awesome, thank you IFPA! Fingers crossed for a women’s division at PAPA now, too!

  6. Taylor Reese says:

    So will IFPA now endorse women only tournaments?

  7. Ellen Frankel says:

    It makes sense that a women’s tourney will not be points-driven. Very exciting!

  8. Kate Morris says:

    Hello, can I have my IFPA profile updated please? I’m a woman! 🙂 player#8015. Thanks!

  9. AngelaDrobka says:

    Hello, please update my IFPA profile! Thank you!

  10. ifpapinball says:

    Women’s only events will not be endorsed since they are
    restricted events. Even the IFPA Women’s Championship won’t be eligible
    for WPPRs because of the gender restriction, but that doesn’t mean we
    can’t build it up to be the most prestigious women’s tournament in the

    Same will go for Juniors, Seniors, College Students or any other
    subgroup of players that we end up focusing on with the WPPR system.

  11. Rachel Morris says:

    I don’t think so. Since a women’s only tournament contains exclusions, I do not think that any points would be issued for ifpa or wppr.

  12. Caroline Watson says:

    Awesome! A great sign of the times!

  13. Laila says:

    Please update my profile! I am a woman, player #:

  14. NomieGoodwin says:

    Good morning 🙂 I think Brett has already commented lol but please update my profile – player #24210. Doing a great job guys x Thank you

  15. Hannah Holmberg says:

    Looking forward to the Championship t-ment! 
    Thanks IFPA for making it possible. 

    As a new player, I’m excited to meet other players at this event. I really hope the international folks can make it, too!

  16. Hannah Holmberg says:

    also looking forward to details… gotta plan/budget this one.

  17. Hannah Holmberg says:

    I heard through the grapevine that there won’t be a tournament bank for this tournament, but there will be for other high level championship tournaments that weekend. The women’s championship will be on all the OTHER 152 non-vetted machines.

    Is this true? If so, please reconsider and put the women’s world championship on the tournament bank! Asking the top 16 players in the world to come play on games that may or may not function fairly does not seem like a high-level tournament; it seems like an afterthought.

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