IFPA-sanctioned events suspended until further notice

In light of ongoing restrictions and public health recommendations across the globe, the IFPA has decided to uphold the suspension of sanctioning for pinball tournaments and leagues for WPPR points until further notice.

We ask that Tournament Directors with pending calendar entries continue to remove them via the tournament manager in order to ensure that players do not think there is still a sanctioned event occurring. For TDs worried about the 30-day advance notice rule, we still plan on waiving that rule once we have this situation behind us and begin sanctioning events again.


2 responses to “IFPA-sanctioned events suspended until further notice”

  1. Dick Curtis Dick Curtis says:

    It would be helpful to set a flag on the IFPA’s end to hide events within a date range. Then your calendar would display no events for any range you select. It also avoids the re-submission issue when sanctioning resumes.

    If we TDs are deleting our events, what dates to delete? A week at a time? A month? Six months?

  2. Josh Sharpe Josh Sharpe says:

    IFPA calendar has been disabled for the time being.

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