IFPA Pro Circuit – 2016/17 Inaugural Season

circuitThe IFPA is proud to announce the kickoff of the IFPA Pro Circuit. The IFPA Pro Circuit offers the country’s most competitive players a setting where they can showcase their hard work and talent and be rewarded for the time and effort that they have invested in the sport they love so much.

The IFPA Pro Circuit is the series of sanctioned events held annually across the country in which registered players accumulate WPPR points towards their IFPA Pro Circuit standings. Only players registered in advance as an “IFPA Pro” will be included in the IFPA Pro Circuit standings. Details on how to register are below.

Throughout the IFPA Pro Circuit, there are 10 IFPA Pro Circuit event locations, each chosen for its great pinball culture and its ability to provide unique travel and competition experiences.

For the 2016-17 season this includes:

  • Pinball Expo Flip Out
  • Texas Pinball Festival
  • Michigan Pinball Expo
  • NW Pinball Championships
  • Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show
  • Pinbowl
  • California Extreme
  • Modern Pinball Super League (August 2016 only)
  • Wild West Pinball Fest
  • Free Play Florida
  • Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown

At the end of the last event on the IFPA Pro Circuit, the top 10 players will qualify for the IFPA Pro Circuit Championship. With the help of the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association, they have offered to host the inaugural IFPA Pro Circuit Championships. It is slated for April 11th, 2017 at 101 Keystone Dr, Carnegie, PA. Further details on the format will be posted to our website.

To apply, players must register by paying a $100 fee for the season. IMG in partnership with the IFPA has agreed to match the fees collected dollar for dollar towards the prize pool. All money collected will be awarded to the winner of the IFPA Pro Circuit Championship. 100% of the fees collected will go to the winner of the IFPA Pro Circuit Championship, along with the Circuit Bracelet. We’ve hired the best in the industry to design and manufacture the bracelet. Sample bracelet can be found HERE (subject to change). Please contact the IFPA at ifpapinball@gmail.com regarding registration.

April 2nd update . . .

This was an April’s Fools joke! However, we do have some plans brewing related to a possible IFPA tour of events. We will keep you posted as things develop.

17 responses to “IFPA Pro Circuit – 2016/17 Inaugural Season”

  1. Greg Dunlap says:


  2. Kevin Shanus says:

    I sent in the $100 and made non-refundable travel arrangements to all those events, cant wait!

  3. Doug Parsons says:

    …but I REALLY wanted the bracelet!!! 🙁

  4. Katie Rosier says:

    So instead of PAPA, we now have MAMA? (Make Achievements More Asinine)

  5. Katie Rosier says:

    I’m sure you can find similar styles at your local Wal-Mart

  6. dave co says:

    so TPF already happen, so is this next years TPF?

  7. Jason says:

    dave co Next year to the day, April 1st.

  8. Douglas Polka says:

    This is West Coast biased!

  9. Greg Dunlap says:

    I like how Pinbrawl STILL didn’t make the cut.

  10. Mats Runsten says:


  11. ProPlayer says:

    I am glad RMPS made the circuit.  It’s always a nice place to visit, even though the tournament is really expensive and they don’t always give out the prizes they promise. 

    Also hoping I can win a MPE dildo from one of their many tournaments.

  12. Germain Mariolle says:

    Pinbrawl is special!

  13. Germain Mariolle says:

    Can’t believe he went there 😀

  14. Noah Davis says:

    Tim Arnold already volunteered to be my caddy on the tour!

  15. BMU says:

    You blew out your budget on the bracelet, you fools!  You should have gone for the edible candy bracelet instead.

    WWPF?  That’s a real blast from the past.  😉

  16. Nigh Omnipotus says:

    El o el

  17. BMU says:

    IFPA tour?  Is that like the Web.com tour or the old AFL?  I guess the question is how it would relate to the PAPA Circuit – – no overlap?  Some?  And the purpose is … ?

    One thing that might be fun is a “B” division tour for all the larger events, PAPA circuit or otherwise, that have a Novice or B division.  Let the “best of the B’s” qualify for something in the process of moving up towards A.

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