IFPA Partners with Pin Stadium – See Better, Play Better

Sponsored blog post courtesy of Pin Stadium

Pin Stadium, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and IFPA located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, are excited to announce that they are working together to help to grow the already rapidly expanding community of pinball worldwide. Josh Sharpe (the President of the IFPA and also top ranked player) reached out to Pin Stadium for sponsor and partnership for their amazing organizations, which hosts over 4600 events worldwide. These numbers are astounding and Josh and a large group of supporters have done an out-of-this-world job to make this happen.

This was a huge opportunity for Pin Stadium to be able to assist this incredible organization and to help bring improved visibility to the playfields for the IFPA players.

With the technology and performance of our lighting systems they will now provide 100% playfield lighting coverage for potentially thousands of players worldwide. This will help to assist them with improved shot accuracy, and as a result, better scores. Ball tracking is the most important aspect of competitive pinball, and so are high scores. No longer are the pinball machines going to struggle with lighting.

With the Pin Stadiums being successfully introduced officially to the competitive market in 2018 at PAPA’s Pinburgh for the “Final Twelve”, where Doug (the head of PAPA) said that he received very positive feedback from the players and also from the viewers of the stream. From that event, Pin Stadiumreceived the honor of being “PAPA  Approved”

With that said, it only makes sense for us to work with IFPA, who continues a long standing tradition of tournaments which fuel the industry of pinball. The vision we have with IFPA is to not only support them financially but to also offer special discount programs for tournament organizers to be able to elevate the experience for their players and the viewers of their streamed events, while also providing prize giveaways and gift cards to add to the prize pools at certain events.

The future is bright with Pin Stadium and IFPA. “See Better, Play Better.” It’s that simple. Here is what Josh Sharpe had to say about this partnership:

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Pin Stadium on enhancing not only the playing experience for participants, but also the viewing experience for people that are finding the sport through the ever growing streaming of events all around the world. We look forward to connecting our pool of players, tournament directors and tournament streamers with Pin Stadium for the betterment of the sport going forward.” – Josh Sharpe, IFPA President

2 responses to “IFPA Partners with Pin Stadium – See Better, Play Better”

  1. Sean Stewart says:

    Wow! How exciting! Maybe I will be able to retire my headlamp!

  2. Scott says:

    I bet you will never pick up another headlamp again! 😉

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