IFPA Op-Ed: WPPR #1 for 2014

With his recent wins at Expo and the Danish Open, Jorian Engelbrektsson has retaken the #1 spot from Keith Elwin for the first time since Keith bumped him out of it at PAPA 13 in 2010.
Will Jorian stay #1 through year-end?  If Keith doesn't play in any more large events, yes.  Once all of their results decay to 12/31/2014 values, Jorian will be at 974.92, KME at 968.96 (subject to minor adjustments).  With Keith's #15 result being a 43.00 at that time, he'd need to replace it with a 49-point event to reclaim first place.  There's not much left at that level; not the Florida circuit event [47 pts].  His best bet, if he were interested, would be the San Francisco City Champ if he won both the main and side events [50 to 55 pts].  But there's not much point in that, since Jorian still has the 2014 Swedish Championships and Bitwalk ahead of him, in both of which he typically finishes high.  A decent performance at either one pretty much locks up #1 for Jorian no matter what Keith does stateside.
How good a year did they each have?  Let's see.

Major Comparison – both players present:

IFPA:  JOE 1st, KME 2nd
Pinburgh – JOE 5th, KME 6th

Major Comparison – separate
EPC – neither played
PAPA – KME only – 8th main, 1st in Classics-3, 2nd in Classics-1
Circuit Wins:
JOE – 2 [Lyons, Expo]; KME – 2 [INDISC, Northwest]
Pre-IFA Wins:
JOE – 1Up Lodo [KME not present];  KME – 1Up Colfax [JOE 5th]
Other Significant Event Wins:
JOE – Danish Open; Stockholm Open [also classics]; Pre-Pinburgh Doublewide
KME – Circuit Final
Obviously both had outstanding years but it looks like the edge does go to Jorian, both in terms of more other significant wins and head-to-head.  Can't be much closer, though, 1st vs. 2nd at IFPA [which went the 9-game distance] and 5th vs. 6th at Pinburgh.



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