Gameworks Pinball Tournament of Champions – October 12-14, 2012

The IFPA is proud to announce it will be teaming up with GameWorks once again for the 9th Chicago Pinball Tournament of Champions the weekend of October 12-14, 2012 at the Schaumburg location (Streets of Woodfield).

With the 28th Annual Pinball Expo being held the week after, the first 70 players that register for the tournament will receive a free 1 day pass to Pinball Expo.

Fri 10/12: 6-11pm –> OPEN QUALIFYING
Sat 10/13: noon to 11pm –> OPEN QUALIFYING
Sun 10/14: 10am-12pm –> LAST CHANCE OPEN QUALIFYING
Sun 10/14: noon – 5pm –> TOURNAMENT FINALS AND AWARDS

Players will qualify on the (5) five pinball machines that are chosen for this tournament. Players do not have to play all five if they feel their point total will get them into the top (16) sixteen players on Sunday. Points will distributed 100/90/85/84/83/etc. depending on finishing position for each game.

TOURNAMENT GAMES (subject to change):
AC/DC, Tron, Ironman, Transformers, X-Men

Players will purchase game tickets to play in the tournament at the tournament location.
Each ticket will let you play (1) one game of your choice.
1 Ticket = $4.00
3 Tickets = $10.00 (value price)
** Tickets are Non-Transferable, and may not be used outside of Tournament **
Ticket sales will stop approximately 45 minutes before the end of Open Tournament Play on Sunday. Players will have until 12pm on Sunday to start their qualifying game. After 12pm no new games will be started.

1st place – $700 + PAPA 16 Certificate + Two 1 hour game cards
2nd place – $400 + PAPA 16 Certificate + Two 1 hour game cards
3rd place – $300 + PAPA 16 Certificate + One 1 hour game card
4th place – $200 + PAPA 16 Certificate + One 1 hour game card
5th through 8th place – $100each + One 1 hour game card
9th through12th place – $50each + One 1 hour game card
13th through 16th place – One 1 hour game card

Finals will consist of a head-to-head best 2 out of 3 single elimination tournament. Players seeded 5th through 8th will receive a bye through the first round, while players seeded 1st through 4th will receive a bye through the first two rounds. Players seeded 9th through 16th will play in the first round, with those winners advancing to
play against those players seeded 5th through 8th. Higher seed gets choice of game or position for the first game. Loser of each subsequent game gets choose of game or position. You cannot play the same game twice in the same match.

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