Free (and Ad-free) Apps for Competitive Pinball Players

The following apps are designed, updated and maintained especially for pinball players. They’re free, ad-free, and great resources for new and experienced players. If you like the apps, please rate & review them on the play store and share the info and links in this post.

IFPA Companion
Track nearby IFPA pinball tournaments, save your profile to quickly see updates, and more, with the IFPA Companion app. Easily view your progress, head-to-head performance, and the latest tournament submissions with ease. Quickly scan the top-ranked players in the world, or choose any submitted tournament to see all players standings and data. Be notified when a tournament submission or ranking change takes place on your profile. Add tournaments to your device’s calendar, share your ranking with others, and view pinball ranking statistics from around the globe. This app is free and available on Google and Apple play stores.

Match Play
Match Play Events is a tournament app that makes it easy to organize tournaments on any device. Players can follow standings and results live on their own mobile devices. The internal links to PinTips are really helpful, too. This app is free for players and Directors, though Tournament Directors will likely opt for the $30/year Premium version. Visit, and select the option to add it to your home screen.

Pinball Coach
Pinball Coach is a quick-reference app that contains game rules, tips, tutorial videos, promo videos, and more. This app is free and available in the Google and Apple play stores.

Pinball Map
Find public places to play pinball! Pinball Map is kept up-to-date by users and lists more than 7,400 locations and more than 25,000 pinball machines. This application is free (there are links if you’d like to ‘Become a Patron’) and is a mobile version of the website¬†

3 responses to “Free (and Ad-free) Apps for Competitive Pinball Players”

  1. Keith says:

    Great list! Since this will eventually fall off the top of the front page, I’d recommend adding this to the Resources tab as a “Pinball Apps” listing, and add maybe another one for “Pinball online resources” to add IPDB,PAPA, etcetera to make the IFPA page a one-stop place to get to anywhere related to pinball.

  2. Jason Hecht says:

    I agree add pindigo.

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