DPO2014 posterblog post courtesy of Bo Mertins

Wanna play pinball with the happiest people on Earth in the world’s most liveable city and go up against the world’s greatest players all at the same time?

Well look no further because Danish Pinball Open 2014 (DPO2014) is your chance to enter the nirvana of pinball!

DPO2014 is hosted by Denmark’s leading pinball lounge, The Pinlab, at Marktenderiet – one of Copenhagen’s hottest venue and the very same place where the IFPA World Pinball Championships will take place in 2017.

DPO2014 is part of the IFPA European Championship Series and will be featuring 24 top-notch pins, including titles such as Mustang LE, Metallica Premium, Avatar Pro, AC/DC Luci, Stern Star Trek Pro, AFM, TAF, CFTBL, TZ, JM, INDY500, FH, STTNG, IJ, RS, DM, Taxi and FB.

Last year’s DPO saw an impressive lineup of players from all over the world, including 4 top 10 players: IFPA 2013 World Champion, Jörgen Holm, world no. 1 (at that time), Zach Sharpe, European champion 2013 and former PAPA World champion, Jorian Engelbrektsson, and world no. 9 (at that time), Mats Runsten.

DPO2014 will take place on October 25th 2014 and is open to all nationalities but is limited to 64 contestants. Dinner is including in the ticket and you will be able to buy lunch, snacks and beverages at the event.

Ticket are available from July 31th from Billetto.dk: https://billetto.dk/dpo-2014

Hallelujah and hope to see y’all!

The Pinlab Crew

Any questions? Drop us a note on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pinlab.dk) or email our event manager at bme@nordicevent.dk

Photo – The final four from DPO2013: ZAC (winner), JOE, MCR and ELK