Changes to Submissions in 2018

Starting today, the IFPA will require tournament directors to have accounts with the IFPA website in order to submit calendar entries and tournament results.  If you haven’t created an account yet, go here to create one.  Once logged in, you can access the Tournament Manager by the link on your profile page or from the top toolbar.

Some other changes:

  • Tournaments and Leagues are both submitted by the same Calendar Submission Process
  • The results upload process performs better error handling and reporting
  • Submissions of Calendar Entries and Tournament Results are a bit more simple (no more email confirmations!)
  • View your NACS usage
  • Ability to Delete Tournament Submissions for unheld and future (cancelled) tournaments
  • Status of Submissions to the IFPA

If you encounter any problems with the new processes, please let us know ASAP.  Thanks!

One response to “Changes to Submissions in 2018”

  1. Gene X Hwang Gene X Hwang says:

    One thing to note – after you hit the ‘submit results’ then you won’t see anything change on the page. Then click the ‘view or process results’ button (forget what it was called) and you’ll see if there are errors. If you use MatchPlay a best practice is to start adding in IFPA Player IDs to all your players as it’ll streamline the submission process…

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