Adam Becker on vacation . . . approval delays (2019 version)

Adam Becker has let me know that his wifi in Punta Cana just isn’t strong enough to be able to approve calendar submissions and results this week.¬†We know how anxious tournament directors and players are to see their calendar submissions approved and results posted quickly, so we wanted to let you know that approvals will not be happening this week.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard back from the IFPA regarding your event, that’s why.

Adam will be back next week. If you see him in Punta Cana feel free to bug him about the importance of your approval.

6 responses to “Adam Becker on vacation . . . approval delays (2019 version)”

  1. Simple Math says:

    Does someone need to ask the obvious and wonder why the vacation habits of a single person should prevent a network of 65,000 people from functioning for several weeks of every year? You GUYS really need to let outsiders help you or pinball will never be taken seriously as a competitive game. #goodoleboynetwork

  2. Josh Sharpe Josh Sharpe says:

    Our apologies for any inconveniences caused by the delays. If you would like to volunteer to help us out in these times, please shoot us an email at

  3. Denise Roy says:

    I vote they start paying their staff. THEN we can start talking about standards of service delivery.


  4. Michael Ridgeway says:

    Canadians… Always on vacation. Always polite. What’re ya gonna do?

  5. Best dj in the usa says:

    Don’t mess with the powers that be or this whole thing could disappear. Be thankful.

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