Australian Championship Series – Official Rules

ifpa australian championship series

The IFPA Australian Championship Series is an annual pinball competition where qualifying is done over a whole year. A player’s best 20 results in IFPA-endorsed tournaments during the calendar year count towards their point total. The top 48 players at the end of the year are invited to compete in the IFPA Australian Championship Series Final, held the following February. The winner is crowned IFPA Australian Pinball Champion.
If any of the top 48 players are unable to participate, vacant places will be made available for the next best players who qualified in places 49+
The Series Final for the 2018 season will be held at The Basement, Belconnen ACT, on the weekend of 15-17 February, 2019.
Saturday – POOL STAGE
1. The pool stage will consist of 4-player matches. 7-5-3-1 scoring in each match.
2. Players will be split into three pools, according to the final ACS standings.
Pool A: 1,6,7,12,13,18,19,24,25,30,31,36,37,42,43,48
Pool B: 2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26,29,32,35,38,41,44,47
Pool C: 3,4,9,10,15,16,21,22,27,28,33,34,39,40,45,46
3. There will be 5 rounds with 3 matches per round featuring machines from 3 different eras (old/mid/new).
4. Each player will be grouped with each other player in their pool exactly once.
5. The top 5 players from each pool will advance to the elimination stage. In addition, a wild card entry will be given to the best 6th placed finisher.
6. Ties for qualifying positions will be resolved by a one game playoff. Players failing to advance from a playoff within their pool will remain eligible for any playoff for the wild card.
1. The elimination stage will consist of best-of-5, head-to-head matches. The loser of a match is eliminated.
2. Players will be ranked by most pool stage points, then most ACS qualifying points.
3. In each round, the highest-ranked player will play the lowest-ranked player, the second-highest-ranked player will play the second-lowest-ranked player, and so on.
4. The higher-ranked player in a match will get choice of machine for game 1. Choice will then alternate.