Australian Championship Series – Official Rules

ifpa australian championship series

The IFPA Australian Championship Series is an annual pinball competition where the qualification is done over an entire calendar year. Results of all IFPA-endorsed tournaments held in Australia count towards qualification. The top 32 players at the end of the calendar year are invited to compete in the IFPA Australian Championship Series Final, held the following February. The winner is crowned IFPA Australian Pinball Champion.
If any of the top 32 players are unable to participate, vacant places will be made available for the next best players who qualified in places 33+.
1. All players will be seeded based upon their ACS 2017 final standings.
2. There will be 6 rounds of 3 matches (18 games per player).
3. In each round players will be placed in groups of 4 (or 3 if odd numbers).
4. For the first round the groupings will follow IFPA world format based on ACS rankings. The 32 players will be grouped as follows: 1,16,17,32…. 2,15,18,31 ….3,14,19,30 ….4,13,20,29 ….5,12,21,28 ….6,11,22,27….7,10,23,26.... 8,9,24,25.
5. In each round play order will be rotating – random order for the first match and then rotating.
6. For subsequent rounds groupings will be based on placement (Swiss). No attempt will be made to pair players against previously unfaced opponents.
7. Scoring system will be IFPA (7/5/3/1) (7/4/1).
8. The machines will be put into 3 banks; OLD, MID, NEW.
9. In each round, players will play one machine from each group. The allocation of machines will be done prior to the tournament using a random list generator.
10. Players can expect to play some machines more than once during qualifying. We will do our best to avoid this.
11. Machines will not be placed in ‘banks’ as that results in players playing entire banks more than once rather than a particular machine.
12. The top 16 players will advance to the Finals on Sunday morning.
13. Ties for any placings in the top 16 will be broken by the number of first place finishes, then by the number of second place finishes, and finally, if necessary, a single game play-off on a machine chosen at random.

1. The finals will be a Single Elimination best of 5 games on different machines. The higher ranked qualifier for game one of each best of five has the choice of either: machine played OR going first or second. A player can only choose a machine a maximum of 3 times during the whole of the finals.

Rulings will be made in accordance with the unified IFPA/PAPA tournament ruleset.