Abari – Women’s Pinball Championship ’18

Blog post courtesy of Kevin Shanus

Abari Game Bar is proud to announce they’ll be hosting a Women’s Pinball Championship with a top prize of over $250 if a minimum participant count of 16 is reached by September 20th. Abari currently hosts the only Women’s Pinball League in the Carolinas with their Belles and Chimes Charlotte Chapter and will now be the first to host a Women’s Pinball Tournament. We’ve teamed up with Save Point Video Games to sponsor a pizza lunch for our participants!

Please visit our Facebook event page to register and get more information about the event:


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One response to “Abari – Women’s Pinball Championship ’18”

  1. Adam McKinnie says:

    You all may wish to include the date of the event, October 20th, in the blog post or headline 🙂

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