2019 – IFPA State of the Union

With the 2019 pinball season officially behind us, the World Pinball Player Rankings continues to show no signs of slowing down within the competitive pinball community. We wanted to take a quick look back at the growth we’ve seen during 2019.

We’re proud to say that the total number of IFPA sanctioned events for 2019 was 7,555.  This represents a 31% growth from the end of 2018 where we had 5,776 IFPA sanctioned events on the calendar. Total player attendance at those events was 173,378, up 30% from 2018.

In addition, the number of unique players that played in an IFPA endorsed tournament during 2019 was 24,380, up 14% from the number of players that were active during 2018.

The IFPA website also hit a record 4 million page views for 2019, the most we’ve ever had for a single year.

The IFPA wishes to thank everyone in the competitive pinball community for continuing to support everything we do to spread the world about our incredible sport to the masses.

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