WPPR Points to Return to Midwest Gaming Classic

The Midwest Gaming Classic and the International Flipper Pinball Association is proud to announce the return of a major pinball tournament awarding WPPR points to the Midwest Gaming Classic this April 13 and 14!

In 2006, the Midwest Gaming Classic hosted the first official tournament of the reborn International Flipper Pinball Association, or IFPA. Since then, the Midwest Gaming Classic’s tournament has hosted hundreds of players in dozens of tournaments, with their most recent IFPA tournament in 2006 hosting an incredible 156 players, which would have placed it in the top 5 largest US based tournaments last year!

In 2017, due to a series of legal issues, the Midwest Gaming Classic had to stop awarding IFPA points until a proper workaround was available. This year, the problem has been resolved, and the tournament will return!

To find out more information, and to get your Midwest Gaming Classic tickets to participate in the return of IFPA pinball to where it all began, visit https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/

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