Welcome to the IFPA15 Registration Page!

The IFPA is pleased to announce the 15th annual IFPA World Pinball Championship! It will be held June 1st-3rd, 2018 at Press Start Arcade in Keswick, Ontario, Canada!

You can find complete details and rules for IFPA15 here. Utilizing its World Pinball Player Rankings, the IFPA is using the January 1st, 2018 rankings to determine 62 of the 64 qualifiers for IFPA15. The top 2 available ranked players from each eligible country as of 1/1/2018 will receive an automatic qualifying spot into the tournament via a "Country Exemption". Should either of the top 2 players not be able to attend, that country exemption will move down the country ranking list until it is filled. The rest of the field will be made up of the most highly ranked players from the WPPR list. For players that cannot attend, spots will be filled by going down the rankings list. Should a country not fill the 2 spots awarded to it, additional at-large spots will be available.

Please note that for the Country Exemption spots, while you can continue to represent any country you wish on your profile (whether that be where you currently live, or where you were from), we will require that a player participates in at least one event in the calendar year in the country that they are representing in order to be eligible for that Country Exemption spot.

Registration is now open and will close on Janurary 21st at 6pm CST. We've included the top 100 on this initial invite list. We will go deeper if necessary, but there is a chance that not everyone on this list will be eligible to participate.

If you have any questions or know that you will not be attending, please email the IFPA at ifpapinball@gmail.com.

Registration Rules

  • Registration closes on Janurary 21st at 6pm CST.
  • The IFPA must receive a player's payment in order for that player to be officially registered.
  • Players must send their payment by mail, paypal or give the money to Josh Sharpe directly.
  • Once registration closes, any player on this list that hasn't paid will be ineligible to participate.
  • After fulfilling the Country Exemptions, the IFPA will confirm the additional At-Large bids for the tournament based on the highest ranked players that have paid their registration fee and committed to playing.
  • Once the entry spots have been filled, those who had paid registration fees but did not make the cut will have their fee refunded, but kept on a list (in order of rank) to be eligible as backups in case someone drops out.

Payment Details

We are offering a discount for players who register before January 15th. Those players that register early will receive either $20 off registration, or a free IFPA15 t-shirt. There is an added $10 charge for those paying via Paypal to cover the Paypal fees.

Registration fee structure is as follows:

  • Registration w/t-shirt (through Jan 21st): $270
  • Registration (through Jan s1st): $250

Your registration can be paid using PAYPAL or by sending a check. You may also pay Josh Sharpe directly.

If you choose to get a T-shirt, please indicate the size you want with your registration payment.

Payment Methods:

By Check or Money order Paypal ($10 fee required)

Checks payable to Josh Sharpe, and send to:

Josh Sharpe

1537 N. Kaspar Ave.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

IFPA15 Registration

Country Exemptions

The following spots are reserved for the top 2 players in eligible countries.

# Player Country Rank Status
1 Mitchell Setschnjak Australia 311th Attending
2 Grant Stephens Australia 314th Attending
3 Herbert Buchberger Austria 1324th Attending
4 Lieven Engelbeen Belgium 228th Attending
5 Dominique De Cock Belgium 452nd Attending
6 Marcelo Campos Hazan Brazil 1463rd Attending
7 Robert Gagno Canada 7th Attending
8 Phil Birnbaum Canada 28th Attending
9 Peter Andersen Denmark 81st Attending
10 Jonas Heide Denmark 598th Attending
11 Olli-Mikko Ojamies Finland 55th Attending
12 Joonas Haverinen Finland 222nd Attending
13 Damien Charléty France 84th Attending
14 Johannes Ostermeier Germany 30th Attending
15 Benjamin Gräbeldinger Germany 49th Attending
16 Daniele Celestino Acciari Italy 5th Attending
17 Kyoichi Miyaura Japan 440th Attending
18 Tatsunori Naruke Japan 519th Attending
19 Jasmijn de Jong Netherlands 887th Attending
20 Simon Haxton New Zealand 601st Attending
21 BJ Wilson New Zealand 997th Attending
22 Julio Vicario Soriano Spain 11th Attending
23 Gabriel Ortiz Spain 149th Attending
24 Jorian Engelbrektsson Sweden 8th Attending
25 Marcus Hugosson Sweden 22nd Attending
26 Christophe Stucki Switzerland 5436th Attending
27 Rich Mallett United Kingdom 65th Attending
28 David Mainwaring United Kingdom 87th Attending
29 Zach Sharpe United States 1st Attending
30 Cayle George United States 2nd Attending
31 Brian Shepherd United States 104th Attending

Remaining spots

The following is a list of top 100 ranked players that can fill up the remaining spots. As we go down the list, we will add more ranked players as necessary.

# Player Country Rank Status
32 Raymond Davidson United States 3rd Attending
Keith Elwin United States 4th Not Attending
33 Trent Augenstein United States 6th Attending
Jörgen Holm Sweden 9th Not Attending
34 Eric Stone United States 10th Attending
Mats Runsten Sweden 12th Not Attending
Andy Rosa United States 14th Not Attending
David Riel United States 15th Not Attending
35 Steven Bowden United States 16th Attending
Jim Belsito United States 18th Not Attending
36 Josh Sharpe United States 19th Attending
37 Jason Werdrick United States 20th Attending
38 John Delzoppo United States 21st Attending
Cryss Stephens United States 23rd Not Attending
Albert Nomden Netherlands 24th Not Attending
39 Andrei Massenkoff United States 25th Attending
40 Jon Replogle United States 26th Attending
Franck Bona France 27th Not Attending
41 Germain Mariolle United States 29th Attending
42 Adam Becker Canada 31st Attending
43 Colin MacAlpine United States 32nd Attending
Ernö Rotter Germany 33rd Not Attending
44 Dave Stewart United States 34th Attending
45 Karl DeAngelo United States 35th Attending
Bob Matthews United States 36th Not Attending
46 Johan Genberg Sweden 37th Attending
47 Aleksander Kaczmarczyk United States 38th Attending
48 Levi Nayman United States 40th Attending
Donavan Stepp United States 41st Not Attending
49 Escher Lefkoff United States 42nd Attending
Robert Sutter Switzerland 43rd Not Attending
50 Johnny Modica United States 44th Attending
Nick Zendejas United States 45th Not Attending
51 Jan Anders Nilsson Sweden 46th Attending
52 Tim Sexton United States 47th Attending
Jerry Bernard United States 48th Not Attending
53 Stefan Herold Germany 50th Attending
Markus Stix Austria 51st Not Attending
Joshua Henderson United States 52nd Not Attending
Nicklas Lindahl Sweden 53rd Not Attending
Paul Jongma Netherlands 54th Not Attending
Alberto Santana United States 56th Not Attending
Levente Tregova Switzerland 57th Not Attending
Chris Chinn United States 58th Not Attending
54 Brian O'Neill United States 59th Attending
Greg DeFeo United States 60th Not Attending
Fred Cochran United States 61st Not Attending
55 Jonas Valström Sweden 62nd Attending
56 Adam Lefkoff United States 63rd Attending
Derek Fugate United States 64th Not Attending
57 Luke Nahorniak United States 66th Attending
58 Andrew Lee United States 67th Attending
59 Peter Franck Sweden 68th Attending
60 David Dahl-Hansson Sweden 69th Attending
61 Lyman Sheats United States 70th Attending
62 Fred Richardson United States 71st Attending
<----------------------------------- CUT LINE ----------------------------------->
Per Schwarzenberger United States 72nd Not Attending
Martin Hotze Germany 73rd Not Attending
Joe Lemire United States 74th Not Attending
Dirk Elzholz Germany 75th Not Attending
Per Ahlenius Sweden 76th Not Attending
Adam McKinnie United States 77th Not Attending
Ben Granger United States 78th Not Attending
Mikael Juusola Sweden 79th Not Attending
63 Jack Tadman Canada 80th Committed to Attend
Martin Ayub United Kingdom 82nd Not Attending
Kevin Stone United States 83rd Not Attending
Andrew Rosa II United States 85th Not Attending
64 Zac Wollons United States 86th Committed to Attend
65 Jeff Teolis Canada 88th Committed to Attend
Roy Wils Netherlands 89th Not Attending
Greg Galanter United States 90th Not Attending
Jochen Ludwig Germany 91st Not Attending
66 Robert Byers United States 92nd Committed to Attend
Don Johnson United States 93rd Not Attending
Dave Hubbard United States 94th Not Attending
Todd Rafacz United States 95th Not Attending
Colin Urban United States 96th Not Attending
Rod Lawrence United States 98th Not Attending
Alex Harmon United States 99th Not Attending
Roland Schwarz Austria 100th Not Attending
Maka Honig United States 102nd Not Attending
Walt Lannis United States 103rd Not Attending
Attending: 62 Committed: 4 Unknown: 1 Not Attending: 48