Holiday Classics Tournament

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From: Gregg Giblin
I am the tournament director

Tournament Details
Start Date : 2016-01-02
End Date : 2016-01-02

The date is Saturday January 2nd. The main tournament qualifying will start at 2 PM to around 6 PM, finals to start after qualifying is over. Time is approximate, depending when qualifying finishes. There will also be a side tourney running to 11 PM. The open house is 6 PM till the wee hours of the morning. Food and drink will be available during both events. Tournament attendees are encouraged to hang around for the open house.
The main tournament is limited to 20 people, reservations required. The side tourney is open to all attending both the main event and the open house.
The main tourney will be conducted on 3 games, Paragon, Meteor and a game to be named later. PAPA style qualifying. 3 entry maximum. The last entry will be sold at 5:30 and must be started by 5:45. You must complete each entry before buying another entry. Each entry will be one game on each machine so a maximum of 9 games will be played in the qualifying round per player. A 30 second warm up period will be allowed on each machine per player, NOT per entry. If you come late you may not get 3 entries in.
The top 4 entries will advance to the finals.
Finals will also be PAPA style, 3 – 4player games, scored 4 2 1 0. Order of play will follow qualifying order, Top seed 4th etc. The games will be Paragon, Meteor and ?????. Tie breakers as needed, single randomly selected game.
Notes: No extra balls, extra balls should be turned off but any extra balls will be plunged.
There is a known bonus X bug on Meteor that while rare does occur. During qualifying the player will replay the game if the bug occurs. During finals the other 3 players will continue the game and the player whose score was effected by the bug will play an entire game afterwards.
The side tourney will be played on Scared Stiff. 3 entries maximum. Top 2 scores get paid. No duplicates, 2 players will get paid.
No warm up, just go for it! The side tourney will run all day until 11 PM. The side tourney is open to all attending both the Main and the open house. Winner does not have to be present, I’ll get the money to you if you can’t stick around.
Under the new IFPA rules only the main tournament will be qualified for IFPA points, the side will only be for cash, glory and bragging rights.
$5 registration fee
$10 per ticket – 3 ticket maximum per player
All ticket fees get paid out. 50% 30% 15% 5% rounded off.
No registration fee
$5 per entry – 3 entries maximum.
All fees are paid out. 75% 25% rounded off.
Please respond to to reserve a spot in the main tournament or to RSVP for the open house.
All emails to will be responded to as to your status as in or on the waiting list.
Thanks and Happy Holidays!