Flippin’ With the Greats – Chicago Bears tournament

FWG-Logo-A– Sunday, December 6th, 11am – 8pm
– Entry fee = $30 donation to Gridiron Support
– Every participant will receive an NFL Medallion, other prizes will be available from Gridiron Support
– Grand prize is Free Entry into the Flippin’ With the Greats Final Event at Cooperstown in Arizona
– Limited to 40 participants
– Send email to Josh Sharpe at “pinwizJ@gmail.com” to register
Players will play each available game once, and be ranked 100-90-85-84-83-etc amongst all participants. Current machine list consists of:
The Walking Dead Premium, Tron Pro, AC/DC Premium, Metallica Premium, World Cup Soccer, Twilight Zone, Demolition Man, Attack From Mars, Dracula, Fish Tales, Funhouse, Whirlwind, Jackbot, Eight Ball Deluxe, Barracora, Cyclopes, Air AcesCountdownSharpshooter, Hoops, Boomerang, Monaco
There will be NO PRACTICE allowed. Players will be only be able to play each machine once as part of their tournament entry.
There will be NO FOOD/DRINKS provided. Please BYOB, and if you want to break for food there are plenty of options available in the area. Players are free to come and go as they please.
No games will be started after 8pm, so make sure you plan accordingly to have your games completed.
If a game goes down, and less than 50% of the players have completed it, the results of that game will be considered void. If 50% or more of players have completed the game, we will use those scores in the results, but will take an average score per machine for the results. For those players that didn’t play the disabled machine, their results will be based on the actual number of games played.
1) Josh Sharpe
2) Amanda Sharpe
3) Zach Sharpe
4) Jason Werdrick
5) Roger Sharpe
6) Art Dodd
7) Dave Hegge
8) Don Coons
9) Chuck Jackson
10) Zachary Parks
11) Alysa Parks
12) Dan Garrett
13) Lyman Sheats
14) Penni Epstein
15) Vince Giannini
16) Eric Bonjour
17) Jack Danger
18) Joseph Blasi
19) Brad Smith
20) Stanley Sowa Jr.
21) Mark Sheridan
22) Kelly Jost
23) Rebecca Hinsdale
24) Manny Segura
25) Rachel Karlic
26) Steve Schmidt
27) Matt Schmidt
28) Chris Stiles
29) Jeff Hooper
30) Tom Knorst