2018 Epstein Cup

The 2018 Epstein Cup was held in conjunction with the IFPA15 World Pinball Championship, May 31st, 2018 in Keswick, Ontario, Canada.



Team USA – Robert Gagno, Eric Stone, Cayle George, Raymond Davidson, Josh Sharpe, Zach Sharpe, Trent Augenstein, Steven Bowden




Team EUROPE – Johannes Ostermeier, Benjamin Gräbeldinger, Johan Genberg, Marcus Hugosson, Daniele Acciari, Jan Anders Nilsson, Jorian Engelbrektsson, Julio Vicario Soriano





Team USA choices:
Harlem Globetrotters – USA d. EUR (29-10)
Funhouse – USA d. EUR (26-13)
The Addams Family – USA d. EUR (27-12)
Detailed results HERE

Team EUR choices:
Monaco – EUR d. USA (25-14)
Whirlwind – USA d. EUR (29-10)
Independence Day – EUR d. USA (24-15)
Detailed results HERE

Team USA d. Team EUROPE (140-94)