2016 Epstein Cup

The 2016 Epstein Cup was held in conjunction with the IFPA13 World Pinball Championship, April 11th, 2016 in Pittsburgh.




Team USA – Keith Elwin, Zach Sharpe, Robert Gagno, Trent Augenstein, Sean Grant, Cayle George, Andy Rosa, Francesco La Rocca





Team EUROPE – Daniele Acciari, Jorgen Holm, Mats Runsten, Paul Jongma, Robert Sutter, Markus Stix, Michael Trepp, Marcus Hugosson





Team USA choices:
Paragon – USA d. EUR (26-13)
Robocop – EUR d. USA (22-17)
Tommy – EUR d. USA (29-10)
Detailed results HERE

Team EUR choices:
Harlem Globetrotters – EUR d. USA (29-10)
The Addams Family – USA d. EUR (26-13)
Metallica – USA d. EUR (25-14)
Detailed results HERE

Team EUROPE d. Team USA (120-114)