Special Show Pricing for PinShades!

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Use coupon code PINMASTERS15 for 15% off and SHOWNOSHIP for free shipping and I will bring your order to IFPA Pin Masters 2020 for pick up. Visit PinShades.me to order!

PinShades performance pinball eyewear was created to enhance your game by eliminating reflections and glare, enabling you to track the ball better and see what your competitors cannot. PinShades are built with several layers to reduce reflection, block UV light, actively reduce bright light sources, increase contrast, and greatly reduces eye-fatigue.

PinShades Mark I Sport glasses have a full-metal frame, have non-slip nose pads, have flexible arms to allow for easy placement and removal, are very lightweight for wearing over long periods of play, and have a sporty unisex style.

“PinShades has really improved my game” – Josh Roop of LoserKid Pinball Podcast
“They truly make a positive impact in our play and the vision of the playfield” – Jason Fowler of Slap Save Pinball Podcast

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