Country Rankings for Italy

This country has 360 players active in the rankings system.

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Daniele Celestino Acciari
Rocca di Papa
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Roberto Pedroni

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Flavio Baddaria
Olgiate Molgora, Lom
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Cesare Datri
Player Picture
Fabio Francescato

Country Rank Name Location Overall Rank Points Best Tournament (last 3 years)
1st Daniele Celestino Acciari Rocca di Papa 4th 966.79 Pinburgh Match-Play Championsh - 2nd
2nd Roberto Pedroni 33rd 648.31 IFPA European Championship Ser - 1st
3rd Flavio Baddaria Olgiate Molgora, Lom 70th 514.42 IFPA Pinball Olympics 2019 - B - 4th
4th Cesare Datri Verona 166th 348.49 IFPA European Championship Ser - 1st
5th Fabio Francescato 350th 254.35 Italian Pinball Open - 1st
6th Enrico Giorgio de Stefani Monza 364th 250.36 European Pinball Championship - 2nd
7th Mirko Plumari Castellanza 480th 214.33 UK Pinball Classic - 2nd
8th Wolfgang Haid Meran 501st 207.77 IFPA Midsommar Open 2018 - 4th
9th Giuseppe Violante Verona, Ven 584th 187.5 Freddy's Pinball Paradise Open - 14th
10th Gabriele Tedeschi 620th 178.85 Dutch Pinball Masters - 2nd
11th Danny Iuliano Biella, Pie 722nd 159.98 IFPA European Championship Ser - 2nd
12th Daniele Baldan San Dono 853rd 141.45 Italian Pinball Open - 2nd
13th Luca Fredella Bologna, Emi 1185th 106.92 Milano Pinball Cup - 1st
14th Devis Pierantozzi Carassai 1198th 105.77 IFPA Hohoho Christmas Pinball - 12th
15th Francesco Sacco Canegrate, Lom 1420th 90.32 Hungarian Pinball Open - 13th
16th Davide Della Ianna Lugagnano val darda 1524th 84.44 Italian Pinball Open - 3rd
17th Fabio Gravina 1556th 82.57 Hungarian Pinball Open - 1st
18th Pablo Iacoponi 1680th 76.33 ITALIAN PINBALL OPEN SIde Clas - 1st
19th MArco MArocco 1998th 63.08 APO 2017 - 11th
20th Pasquale Grossale Gessate, Lom 2087th 60.24 ICS FINAL Match 2019 - 3rd
21st Lorenzo Gagliardi Siena, Tus 2099th 59.67 MILANO PINBALL CUP - 2nd
22nd Paolo Luise 2326th 53.58 DOUBLE WEEKEND CHALLENGE Class - 6th
23rd Manuele Cereda Renate 2440th 50.26 ITALIAN PINBALL OPEN SIde Clas - 4th
24th Pierangelo Villa Seregno 2620th 46.12 DOUBLE WEEKEND CHALLENGE Class - 6th
25th Alessandro Sanna Vimercate, Lom 2829th 41.66 Saturday Pinball Fever - 1st
26th Matteo Filippin Fontaniva 2906th 39.96 European Pinball Championship - 44th
27th Antonella Iannotta 2969th 38.84 Austrian Pinball Open - Side - 21st
28th Andrea Galbiati Milan 3051st 37.13 Italian Pinball Open - 5th
29th Eros Mantovani 3386th 31.58 San Marino Comics Pinball Tour - 1st
30th Admir Peco 3681st 27.76 Mad 4 Pinball - 4th
31st Mauro Spiga Fontaniva 3724th 27.21 FontaFlipper 2019 - 3rd
32nd Fabrizio Amiconi Rome, NY 3867th 25.63 3° PINBALL AT THE WATERFALLS ( - 1st
33rd Karin Eisenstecken Tre 3907th 25.11 Italian Pinball Open - 5th
34th Simone Fontana Milan 4340th 21.11 European Pinball Championship - 152nd
35th Andrea Ferioli Gorla Minore, Lom 4809th 17.71 DOUBLE WEEKEND CHALLENGE Class - 12th
36th Luca Terziantz 4849th 17.41 Zaccaria Swiss Open - 2nd
37th Omar Spada Lecco, Lom 4850th 17.37 ITALIAN PINBALL OPEN SIde Clas - 12th
38th Alessio Crisantemi Terni, Umb 4954th 16.77 ITALIAN PINBALL OPEN SIde Clas - 6th
39th Carlo Sciarelli 5285th 14.89 Austrian Pinball Open - Side - 30th
40th Matija Kralj 5407th 14.27 Austrian Pinball Open Warm Up - 13th
41st Antonio Freddo 5445th 14.07 Danish Pinball Open - 237th
42nd Alberto Olivero 5462nd 14 BRIXIA PINBALL TOURNAMENT - 1st
43rd Fabio Belardinelli 5671st 12.94 Enada Pinball tournament - 2nd
44th Luca Soliman 5904th 12.06 Mad 4 pinball - 6th
45th Pierluigi Fracasso Roma 5954th 11.83 Rome Pinball Tournament - 1st
46th Andrea Bonacchi 6000th 11.65 BRIXIA PINBALL TOURNAMENT - 2nd
47th Dario Morlacchi Milan 6093rd 11.28 Memorial Luciano Morlacchi - 3rd
48th Emanuela Gemelli 6342nd 10.34 It Never Drains in Southern Ca - 84th
49th Emanuele Piccioni 6376th 10.24 Hungarian Pinball Open - 21st
50th Claudio Melone Fontaniva 6771st 8.99 Italian Pinball Open - 17th
51st Giampiero Pittelli Milan, Lom 6776th 8.97 MILANO PINBALL CUP - 12th
52nd Gianluca Baiocco Milan 6787th 8.94 Mad 4 pinball - 4th
53rd Magnus Lindström Varese, Lom 7380th 7.4 BOP 2017 - 68th
54th Alessandro Cacialli Guidonia 7384th 7.39 Enada Pinball tournament - 3rd
55th Raoul Backhaus 7388th 7.37 DOUBLE PIN-GOLF BATTLE - 6th
56th Gogni Paolo 7664th 6.79 Enada Spring Pinball Tournamen - 3rd
57th Luca Maruzzo Vicenza, Ven 7669th 6.78 Italian Pinball Open - 40th
58th Marco L. Moscone 7685th 6.73 Italian Pinball Open - 18th
59th Giada Masiero 7846th 6.43 Mad 4 Pinball - 10th
60th Alessandro Motta 8156th 5.91 Italian Pinball Open - 22nd
61st Simon Haid Merano, Tre 8410th 5.51 Fontaniva Pingolf 2019 - 9th
62nd Gianluca MUSAZZI 8440th 5.48 Italian Pinball Open - 21st
63rd Fabio Squadrani Rimini 8766th 5.02 Mad 4 pinball - 10th
64th Emiliano Leonelli 9390th 4.28 Mad 4 Pinball - 12th
65th Vanny Pavan 10303rd 3.43 Fontaniva extra pinball - 14th
66th Claudio Fredella 10434th 3.33 Italian Pinball Open - 43rd
67th Marco Guidolin 10690th 3.11 Italian Pinball Open - 43rd
68th Giorgio Santarcangelo 10723rd 3.09 ICS FINAL Match 2019 - 18th
69th Paco Reconti 10835th 3 Jurassik Park Launch Party at - 2nd
70th Alexander Greco 10932nd 2.92 3° PINBALL AT THE WATERFALLS ( - 11th
71st Marco D'andola 11039th 2.85 Mad 4 Pinball - 30th
72nd Daniele Lorandini 11192nd 2.74 FontaFlipper 2019 - 10th
73rd Lorenzo Mauri 11319th 2.64 Italian Pinball Open - 37th
74th Matteo Benedan 11846th 2.34 Italian Pinball Open - 32nd
75th Rodolfo Stragapede 11876th 2.31 MILANO PINBALL CUP - 27th
76th Paolo Rando Vicenza, Ven 11896th 2.3 Fontaniva extra pinball - 18th
77th Alessandro Merafino 11930th 2.29 Jurassik Park Launch Party at - 3rd
78th Gianpaolo Salvatore 11936th 2.28 Milano Pinball Cup - 25th
79th Bruno Mantovani 12064th 2.21 ITALIAN PINBALL OPEN SIde Clas - 49th
80th Mirco De Marchi 12081st 2.21 FontaFlipper - 6th
81st Riccardo Galbiati 12097th 2.2 Italian Pinball Open - 32nd
82nd Anselmo Bertoni 12161st 2.17 Mad 4 Pinball - 14th
83rd Alessandro Leonelli 12488th 2.01 christmas pinball 2017 - 12th
84th Damiano Rocchetti 12733rd 1.9 Enada Pinball tournament - 4th
85th Franco Radice 12795th 1.88 Milano Pinball League - 14th
86th ivan bittolo 12852nd 1.86 Italian Pinball Open - 7th
87th Davide Delprato 13220th 1.72 CHRISTMAS PIN-GOLF PARTY - 9th
88th Cesare Antonini 13328th 1.68 Spring Pinball Tournament - It - 13th
89th Virginio Perissinotto 13426th 1.64 Italian Pinball Open - 26th
90th Marco Busnari 13499th 1.62 PinbHole in one! - 24th
91st Sandro Porro 13549th 1.6 Obala Pinball Tournament - 12th
92nd Daniele Verrocchio 13832nd 1.52 3° PINBALL AT THE WATERFALLS ( - 15th
93rd Francesco Galletta 14190th 1.41 Enada Pinball tournament - 12th
94th David Piottante 14291st 1.38 Enada Pinball tournament - 5th
95th Roberta Focoso 14313th 1.37 Fontaniva extra pinball - 27th
96th Maurizio Mambelli 14323rd 1.37 Enada Spring Pinball Tournamen - 5th
97th Fabrizio Galli 14452nd 1.34 Rome Pinball Tournament - 11th
98th Paolo Rocca 14579th 1.31 Milano Pinball Cup - 28th
99th Michele Palanza 14590th 1.3 Rome Pinball Tournament - 14th
100th Azzurra Virgili 14628th 1.29 Spring Pinball Tournament - It - 7th